What's the dumbest thing you were taught when you were younger?

What's the dumbest thing you were taught when you were younger?

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That women and minorities are people too.

It's okay to be gay. I'm not lying.

life is serious business....

Chocolate milk came from brown cows.

I was taught that our government works and politicans where the good guys. And I'm not just talking about trump or anything. This was Bush sr years.

What a joke. That's the type of shit that makes you really question your parents.

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you were taught the truth

Where else would it come from?

Niggers and faggots were our equals.



that if you crossed your eyes too much, they would get stuck like that permanently, why the fuck would you tell that to a child

That the nazis were the bad guys.

Santa was a good and magical person and that it was ok to keep sleeping while he rubbed your asshole

My autism was caused by vaccines.

Pointing a remote control and hitting the buttons would give someone cancer

pointing a laser in my eye would make me go blind

that primary colors where red blue and yellow


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That black people are just as smart as us

That your blood is blue before being oxygenated. I was told this even through high school. So stupid

That black lives matter

Humans evolved from apes in Africa.

That it gets better

all people are special and created equal

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