OC feet thred

OC feet thred

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Pretty cute.

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More! Story?

Very nice. I'm more into soles but those are nice.

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This a chick or dude

Ima dude wirh cute feet desu

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I so need toe rings ;-;

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This one is a few months old

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got my nails did

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this angle but scrunched up soles? and another with toes spread?

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how about one flipping the camera off? can you do vids?

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I could but they'd be to big to post on here

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Donno why thats upside down. Someone be a pal and flip it lol

dump them in a vola room?
volafile org/r/13vag1598

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Lol, i still don't actually have any. what would you want?

make a vid from that angle scrunching your soles and wiggling your toes, telling the viewer they're disgusting for liking it and that they're a freak

ima try

is this guy or chick?

grill in discord server

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ew wtf are these alien toes


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source pls

samefag nobody wants more of this


Emily Pham

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>Emily Pham
does she sell this or something?

Mhm. You can find her on ig. She goes to UCI. She accepts cash app

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any vids?

Fuck off you absolute mongoloid

Ugly toes uglier face. Tits any better? post tits

Sadly not.

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thanks for providing. any of her flipping the camera off or self foot worshiping?

Nope. But im sure she'll do it. I never really asked for camera flipping off tbh

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i guess it's not your thing, but that's alright. something about a look of disgust and an insult though...

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They are completely normal dipshit

ok alien toes

My gf and I are wondering if she could sell feet pics, she can stretch her toes apart and stuff.
What are stuff that foot fetish guys are into?

long toes are patrician taste
post samples here, and different people like different things. scrunched toes, sweaty feet, humiliation like , self worship like pic related, the male's pov of a footjob cumshot, etc.

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I wasnt into it at the time

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i love long toes, idc if there's a dick attached i just want to suck huge ass feet

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is this a child

well if you are now you know what to ask for in the future haha

Thanks for the tip.
She can like fan her toes out and shes so good at controlling her feet, I feel like they are wasted on me because I'm not into feet lol.

well can we see?

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Show us more feet OP.

Which nationality has the tastiest feet ?

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These pics suck: please stop posting them.

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Christmas party feet creep by the fire. Couldn’t stop staring.

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19 yr old skank

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I'm looking for a footchad to regularly jerk to my gf foot pics privately, talk about it and do cocktributes. Any interested?


My sisters feet

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