Sup Sup Forums what do you think about this

Sup Sup Forums what do you think about this.

What would you do?
Any femanons here what you think ins going on her head?

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just fucking sad
why the hell would you ever stay around for that tard baby

That fat bitch must be dripping cum all day nonstop...
If one guy is always horny, imagine four!

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Think their dads are going, "just keep telling yourself, at least he's not trans"

Did she add them all one by one or was this decided upon after a binge of criticalRoll

So who gets put on the birth certificate as the father?

This is the poster for everything wrong with today's culture

>lack of a father figure
>women are praise to be whores
>trasfamily member

But the comments on YouTube are funny.
It makes good to entertainment

Sounds great to me. Glad some people are taking an interest in raising their kids.

If these fucks would put just a little bit of time in to building their self esteem and not looking like smelly otaku they could land another chick just as ugly but all to themselves and not have to raise the roulette tard that shoots out her stanky crotch hole.

Would you get back by three other guys just to ensure your baby girls it's been well taken care of?

I'm just want to see that experiment 5 years from now.

While I don't condone arsen the world would be improved if they all burned to a crisp.... In mine craft or course.

>"just keep telling yourself, at least he's not trans"
I dunno, the world is grossly over populated anyway and the last thing we need are more shit beta gene's in the pool.
Do you honestly want her to spawn EVEN one of their children? I don't and trannies don't reproduce outside of that one freak couple in the UK or whatever.
If Iran can tolerate trannies so can you user.


I wouldn't want to be her child. Also 100$ one of those men molests their first son.

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They will have a girl...

This guy raises some red flags... Just saying..

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I don’t really care about it. If that’s how they want to live their lives, then so be it.


Im a nerdasexual and have gone years without a "date" at times. My hot dream chicks ate amy from big bang and heather matsarella. I want chicks that game. I would not touch that cow with a 20 foot dick

And this reenforces that when i get my house and game room only 1e d&d with greybeard grogs

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The girls they needed are at the library every friday night getting paranormal romance books to read on the week end with.their cats and cry because no user took them to the dollar theater and taco bell

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Some people say “well at least they’re happy!” Truth is, watching that I doubt they really are happy. I’d be willingly to be that this chick is extremely manipulative and caught herself some insecure beta weirdos/closet homos. What would make you stick around after the 3rd or 4th guy? There has to be some talk when they’re just one on one that is reassuring all these guys individually that they’re the favorite. These guys must think they’re just gonna outlast the others. Imagine being in a poly relationship with two hot and super cool girls. That shit would get so fucked so fast no matter who you are.

Captcha was a bus, I agree captcha, death by bus thru this house is fitting.

Those are Beta man. Due to Low T she just needs 1/day and they're on rotation. Each dude gets her when its his turn.

>implying that man gives a fuck what pops out so long as he can fuck it

They have a girl and it's family style.
Mom will trade the girl to them for the money.
Her survival comes first. Then the four men cumming in her daughter.
The daughter is just a means to an end.

The biological father is screwed. The others have a chance to wake up and escape.

Thats offly specific... wanna hang out.... lol just kidding I’m already married.

When i get settled in new town will spend a lot of time at the library and research local craft cluns like knitting clubs so i can read the members blogs ware they always talk about being lonly

So in relationships like this how do they sleep? I mean like actually sleep not fuck. Does she take turns sleeping with then one at a time? Is it all seperate beds leave it to beaver style? Or do they all sleep in a big pile like hamsters? Honestly to me the only good part of a relationship is not having to sleep alone women make really good space heaters/body pillows.

Good for them. I hope they are happy

Can you really "cuck" a woman only losers want to bang tho?

As long as I'm not paying for any of it I don't give a shit.
4 desperate betas and an otherwise unfuckable seacow... More power to em.

Every single one of them looks inbred & I hope the baby comes out black, it’s the only way to insure one of those faggots didn’t breed.

This is what I think....

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