I truly wish my parents weren't brainwashed into cutting off my foreskin.. I hate them for it

I truly wish my parents weren't brainwashed into cutting off my foreskin.. I hate them for it

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Every girl ive ever fucked (5) has said they prefer cut dicks.

Infact one of my previous gfs said she would have dumped me if i was uncut because she finds foreskin disgusting.

Infact pretty much every girl ive ever asked about the topic says they prefer cut.

Im glad my dick is cut, its so much better.

100% will circumsize my kids if/when they are born.

Its basically an external genital versionnof the appendix. Useless.

Yeah you know what: sometimes foreskin looks like a stylish turtle neck but sometimes you can't even pull it past the head and then it's like "meh"

I kinda wish I had my foreskin but only because I think itd be a good foreskin. I could very likely have one of the lame ones.

So I'm bummed but also kinda probably fortunate. Idk.

I know a dumb bitch who always makes a big deal about pittpulls and cropped ears but she had her son circumsized so it's weird.

you're talking about phymosis. Its easily to treat.

ITT mutilated fags hiding their self loathing behind aggresive statments and outright lies.

thats what im hoping for

That looks painfull

I thought that was when you had little white spots around your head?

I always figured that these guys could just stretch their skin to go over their head. I stretched my ears why can't you stretch your foreskin?

I feel like guys who can't pull it past their head are super unhygienic... That's a space on your dick that you can't clean...get your shit together

I'm not sure who you have been sleeping with but I've been with a few more ladies than you have and have never heard any of them complain about my dick not being cut. In fact some were happy I wasnt. You are probably some ameri-fag who has never left the country and realized that the majority of the civilized world aint cut. The foreskin is nothing like an appendix, it actually serves a sexual funtion and increases sexual pleasure for the guy so yeah, easy for you to call it an appendix when you never had one ;)

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its the only way the goyim can be at least partially civilized

Grow the fuck up

I've only been a few girls first uncut dick. They both were surprised at how much they liked it. That's really besides the point tho. When my skin finally went back all the way (it stays attached around the rim of the head still it gets pulled off) the head was so sensitive I couldn't even touch it. Today it's still pretty sensitive just not painfully so. Cutfags are missing out.

Soo...he was behind all that

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>I truly wish my parents weren't brainwashed into cutting off my foreskin.. I hate them for it

You'll be thanking them soon enough.

i'm an amerifag, went to Europe earlier this year, Poland, germany and czech republic. i was with 2 girls while in europe, was the first time either had experienced a circumcised dick. they were both kindof surprised? turned on by it and immediately wanted to suck it and keep it in their mouths. i sorta asked the second one, (first one i didn't think much of it and was drunk) but second one hinted it tasted better than uncut and outright said looked "nicer" - whatever that means. generally tho i doubt girls are gonna tell you they prefer what you don't have, I.E. if you're uncut i doubt they'll say "wellll i prefer cut dicks but your dick is ok i guess." of course they gonna talk you up to your face. probably doesn't matter too much. but i gotta say, while american girls have liked sucking my dick as well those 2 EU girls at least seemed really keen on it

>have never heard any of them complain about my dick not being cut.
You really think they will complain to you?
You have much to learn, Junior.

who the fuck cares about what girls prefer?

apply that statement to your own post you tard

not you apparently brad

Oh, you're an idiot.
Sorry to disturb you.

Keep dreaming, mutilated freak. Imagine having a girlfriend who would dump you for such a minor thing. LOL

>Imagine having a girlfriend who would dump you for such a minor thing.
You won't have them as a girlfriend, Dipshit.

You won't have foreskin, mutilated freak so who's losing now?

Sorry to hear you're so pathetic.

ITT: guys who think about cock all day and wished theirs looked like an anteater nose

Sorry to hear about your lack of foreskin. We can't all be winners

Literally seething that you had to post twice in a row


Dumb Americans

>i hate the way your cock looks
>o o ok ill get down the hospital right away to get it sliced off maam
how insecure do you have to be to mutilate youself due to a comment about your cocks appearance...jeez

>100% force your kids to be mutilated cos you are.....
hows about giving them a choice you fucking nazi

I'm a girl and cut looks better
I will not show tits because I'm semi famous but just wanted to let you know that cut is better and most of my friends agree

i love the rationalising of cutfags, its like hearing people justify staying in abusive relationships


Not sure calling someone who is pro circumcision a nazi makes sense historically.

the fact you don't have one means you don't know what you're missing, the appeals to tradition based in a groupthink appeal to authority is literally a core reason why america is like so absurdly backwards in this regard

>Its basically an external genital versionnof the appendix. Useless.
nice strawman
you dont get your appendix removed unless its a medical emergency
removing the foreskin should be only under similar circumstances

remforeskin should be the same

this is some classic cut fag logic right here, wow

>I'm a girl

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Just make sure your child doesn't suffer the same fate and he'll fuck a girl maybe marry one day too and you'll play a part in normalizing having a foreskin again.

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Calm down cheese dick. No need to samefag so many times.

girl like cut cocks better confirmed
dick cheese fags on suicide watch

Femanon here cut foreskin definitely looks better but yours just look swollen and red and gross

>hmm my cock is dirty
>do I simply wash it or go for elective surgery to cut my foreskin off.....
>mutilation please
worst. argument. ever.

Who cares if you're cut or uncut. Girls won't go for you white cucks anyway. They lust after BBC cut or uncut. Doesn't matter either way.

2 femanons saying cut is better. Thread is over cheese cocks.

damn source on this?

>people are disagreeing with me? How can this be possible?

Being uncut sucks. It's too sensitive. It hurts when I touch my dick without the skin

imagine you bf told you your pussy would look better with less flaps.......
youd immediately get surgery to remove them wouldnt you
what a bitch

>Femanon here

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No need to be so defensive, dirty anteater dick

yum. in and around my mouth please

yea I would and how does that make me a bitch just because I want to cut the flaps off my vagina?

femanon checking in.

did I mention I'm a girl?

>I'm a girl

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hello boys! I'm a girl and I would love to say that circumcised penis is the hottest thing in the world! I would never wrap my sexy lips around an uncut disgusting dick cheese cock!


the damage control going on by cut lads here is hilarious


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hiiiiiii guysssss

femanon here (you can tell by my reddit spacing)

I just wanted to say that I find cut dicks wayyyyy hotter and they're more fun to suck on

Love you guys!

Imagine thinking the guy your replying to is serious. It's clearly satire you brainlet

Will never look better than this

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All those Guys trying so hard to make each other feel better about their mutilated cocks. Kek

Imagine needing lube to masturbate.

Dried out insensitive old lump of scar tissue


I still debate to this day if the snipping fucked up my head. It's like telling someone they have a problem, but never saying what the problem is or where, so you just become paranoid.

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>obvs cutfag posting as a girl saying cut is better
>there go anons conclusive evidence

This is how America actually works

>Imagine needing lube to masturbate.
Imagine needing to masturbate because girls hate your disgusting dick.

Women honestly do find cut dicks better but that's only because they're used to it. Most women really don't give a fuck though. My ex told me that circumcised looks more aesthetic so yeah.. idk..

Looks disgusting asf tbh

I am uncut and I have never had a single complaint from women or men about it. When it's hard the foreskin naturally retracts and you can't tell that I am not circumsised. Mainly I think because the glans gets very thick.
One thing is though, it's easier wanking with foreskin.

I think you are right. Women only find cut better because they're more used to it. I have a uncircumcised penis and I have never had any issues though

*American* women (and jews)

No loss. Vain, high maintenance pains in the fat ass

Plus, all those yummy frenulum nerve endings

All girls watch porn. Keep coping, cheesedick

>All girls watch porn

Keep laughing, sheltered, kissless, handhold less, hugless virgin

I mean, all girls do at least check out porn in their lifetimes and most likely they will see a cut dick which will make them think that's normal...

can we just all agree that girls don't give a fuck what kind of dick you have and only care about your money?

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