No ylyl?

No ylyl?


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hahaha. My neighbor collects those fucking things.

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what jokes they are

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another thing that fucks up IQ scores is the fact that Richard Lynn, the guy who compiled that IQ data works for the white supremacist Pioneer Fund organization, has written extensively on the discredited "science" of eugenics and was proven to have thrown out any data points of Africans with high intelligence.

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the video shows absolute shock on his face when he is told what has happened. It's clear he had no idea 911 was going to happen unless you think he's the greatest actor that ever lived.

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So let me explain what you've just said:
While Whites create IQ tests, new science fields that may or may not work (like alchemy or eugenics), that contribute to the science world whether they work or not, while Whites do all that, Blacks do nothing and complain. They don't create their own IQ tests in which the Whites would fail in, they don't create their universities or new science fields, even if dumb and wrong (and eugenics are not completely wrong, it's just "unethical" like human cloning or healing homosexuality)

Vegans? Vegans are epic. They don't murder countless animals for pleasure like carnies.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means


Yeah they only feed on good old fashion plant genitals..

Why is this funny?
So they are potatoes?

>Human cloning is unethical
As a white from Europe myself, I apologise to humanity for this poster, not all whites are this stupid.

I would guess it's a reference to a potato battery not generating much electricity so the light bulb dosent get very bright like them.. they arnt very bright. A jokes alot like a frog if you take it apart you understand it better but the frog dies

No, it means they can only do simple experiments since they are kids with no real knowledge about climate change.

you've got to be the biggest butthurt nigger or niggerlover i've ever seen here.
>Blacks do nothing

>Waaaah whites expand humanity's cumulative knowledge of this strange universe we live in and it's too hard to understand
Because you're dumb

best itt

>Thinks cotton candy isn't sugary child blood

I like how you've basically repeated what I've just said, but in terms for thirdgraders.
>it's just "unethical" like human cloning or healing homosexuality)
>" "
Do you know what these mean, Mr Smart European White man? I don't claim cloning or treating homosexuality unethical, I just say that in modern world they're considered to be such by the society.

it really seems like i'm talking to a third grader

Cloning is not considered unethical in the research word, one you will not ever be part of since your IQ levels are under under average.
Healing homosexuality is considered science as black magic since homosexuality isn't a disease.

Need more selfsuck comics

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can you imagine if those two had a kid?

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It literally costs $0.00 to do many of my favorite things, what's her point exactly?

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Someone finally fixed the shit shopjob, bless you.

>not autococking in a blanket burrito

Its already hard enough to breathe with a dick in your mouth under the blankets would be suicide

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Kek lost

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Too many niggers in this thread

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fixed it like a boss

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