Not the antiracist user who's been posting all night

Not the antiracist user who's been posting all night.

If the science pointed towards genetic differences by race that could account for the disparities in crime rates between white folks and black folks, I'm sure the popular intellectuals whose whole careers are spent battling the far left and political correctness would have strong stances on this shit. Folks like Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris are incredibly opposed to the SJWs running amok, and yet they don't advocate racism or racial supremacy. Even Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve which is the most popular resource the alt right uses to "prove" that black folks are genetically stupid, doesn't advocate racism or racial supremacy.

What all these figures (and presumably just about every researcher from all the studies you quote showing how black folks are evil and stupid) actually understand is that there are biological differences by race, but that the differences are small. Harris, Peterson, and Murray have all affirmed that the differences within groups are larger than the differences between groups. You can't accurately predict anyone's intelligence levels or violent predispositions based on race. There might be small biological differences that reveal themselves at the tail ends of distributions, but the huge disparities between black and white folks are social.

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They don't advocate racism or racial supremacy because they would lose their jobs and wouldn't be able to continue redpilling, they would if they could.
Deep down, every white person is a white supremacist.
Cope nigger.

Furthermore, the scientific community is divided on the existence of these differences, and even the most strongly anti-PC scientists aren't convinced of anything more than these slight genetic differences.

I'm disinclined to think you could find a single, published scientist who would agree with even a quarter of what you guys think on regarding race.

The three people you are holding up as experts are liberals and Jordan Peterson literally proof read agenda 2030, the most globalist communist plan to redistribute wealth world wide. That’s like using Ben Shapiro as an authority figure to prove Israel isn’t waging a war of imperialism against the Palestinians. Your quoting controlled opposition user, even their “intellectual dark web” is specifically put out to cover up the “dark enlightenment”, a genuine critique from a right wing position of modern liberalism. It scares the Shit out of them having the young white males break their chains and leaving the reservation before the demographic majority is replaced and they react

One of the founding scientists behind the discovery of DNA talks openly about it. Even got excommunicated for it. Anything less than complete acceptance of genetic racial differences in behavior and intellect is literal flat earth level cope.

These folks have already lost jobs and come under intense scrutiny and public outrage for their politically incorrect views on all kinds of different things. These are the renegades who are willing to contradict the status quo opinions that SJW's support.

Thet all understand the pitfalls of and explicitly and unequivocally condemn your pseudoscientific beliefs.

>You can't accurately predict anyone's intelligence levels or violent predispositions based on race.
Do you actually believe the lies you're telling yourself?

Are you saying that those 3 are essentially controlled opposition?

lemme guess, you're a half-cast mutt?
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I'm white and literally do not care in the slightest what color skin someone has. People are people, some are good and some are bad, some are smart and some (like you) are mentally deficient.

Talks openly about the existence of differences in intellect and behavior? All 3 of the scientists I mentioned do as well. They just recognize the differences are small, and that you can't use genetics to make accurate assumptions about people of color, and that the current state of racial inequality is not because black people are genetically just too inferior to whites to amount to anything.

Even if racial replacement is a thing I struggle to see why I should care

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Move out of your all-white neighbourhood and live around niggers and spics for a change, since you're so adamant on 'ONE RACE THE HUMAN RACE'.

OP here, what I'm not saying is that there are zero differences genetically in terms of behavior and intellect. I'm saying that they're too small to justify all you anons' prejudices.

Let's say population A is 10% more intelligent than population B. That means that if you take a person from each population and you have to guess which one is smarter, you'll be right 55% of the time guessing the population A dude, and 45% of the time guessing the population B dude. That's not a big difference.

You can't take scientific research that shows small differences like this and use them as justification for saying black people are incredibly stupid and violent and that's why they're so poor and have high rates of violence and incarceration. It's just unscientific. And furthermore, the existence of these genetic differences is contested as it is.

If those 3 are the controlled opposition, who are the scientists that aren't controlled opposition? Who are the ones who think the science actually supports serious racial inferiority and not just slight differences?

I live in a racially diverse area and I still find it hard to care.

Who gives a fuck about justifying it?
The fact of the matter is that they're incredibly stupid and violent REGARDLESS.
Get rid of them all and you'll have a greatly improved society.

Yeah, that's what nihilism is you fucking dumb animal.
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OP here, I'm not saying minorities are not responsible for higher crime rates. I'm saying the genetic basis for that is only slight even in the minds of the anti-PC scientists. It's primarily and perhaps completely the result of environmental factors which we have racism to thank for.

Uhhh do you know how to fucking reply?
What race are you?

By justifying, I meant justifying it intellectually, not morally. The science doesn't support the idea that black folks are just dumb brutes.

I didn't see where you asked. I'm white.

Jesus, you are one angry faggot. Get outside your basement more.


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Psychologically speaking, being rude drills into these folks minds that they're right. People rarely take on these views because they were persuaded by the evidence, it's a response to marginalization. Given this, marginalizing people further will convince then that they're right.

I have never once denied that I am a nihilist maybe if you weren't so stuck up your own ass maybe you could actually argue using stuff that I actually say.

Also I find it interesting that you would use derogatories with a genetic implication such as low testosterone and runny nose against someone who is assumed to be white. perhaps you aren't so proud after all?


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I mean the only thing I hate more than niggers are progressive whites like you that enable their behaviour.

You laugh at my suggestion that it's predominantly environmental factors, then you post an image that shows that black people in africa score way lower than black people in the United States. Why are the scores lower in Africa? Did the black people brought to the U.S. during slavery just evolve really fast?

They're going to think they're "right" regardless of what you say. The internet is a scary place that can twist and pervert people's views on the world. The only way these faggots have any chance at waking up is by going outside and experiencing the real world more. Some are just hopeless cases. So why not just point and laugh at their ridiculousness?

Imagine getting really salty but not even having an intellectual rebuttal.

they mixed with brown, shithead. who else would breed with them

I don't think that's the only way. Yeah, meeting actual folks that are different from them is the best way, but it's not the only way. Megan Phelps Roper left the Westboro Baptist church because of twitter arguments with patient, polite, curious individuals who weren't berating her even though they had every right to.

I'm confused by what you mean. Can you elaborate?

Blacks evolved in a tropical environment where little to no selective pressure was put on things like forethought and impulse control. There was always food to be foraged but there were always predators to get away from.

In Europe it was pretty much the opposite. There were a few predators but the biggest bitch was starving/freezing to death if you didn't have enough food or firewood to last the winter. You actually had to be able to ration and plan ahead.

Anyone telling you that the races evolved identically for 70,000 years after the ancestors of Eurasians left Africa is either a useful idiot or selling you something.

No, they just mixed with whites.

Lol @ not noticing that it breaks down US IQ by race right there in the infographic

Of course the races evolved differently, and like I've said, plenty of scientists support differences in behavior and IQ by race, they just support small differences that can't really justify 4channers' inclinations to think of minorities as violent dumb brutes.

Also, your theoretical explanation is entirely possible, but it doesn't change the fact that the science does not support differences by race the way Sup Forums thinks of them.

But most black folks are either completely nonwhite or have very little white DNA. The score differences between black Americans and black Africans is quite large.

They do break down by race, but you'll notice that black Americans still score way higher than black Africans, and this seems clearly attributable to environmental factors.

>science does not support differences by race

It not being allowed to be discussed != science not supporting it.

There's more religion in science now than any time in the past 500 years

The nonsense comes in the idea that a few hundred years of "muh racism and poverty" made all the difference while the races diverging for 1/3 the time modern humans have existed had little to no impact.

One of the co-discoverers of DNA was blackballed for just mentioning that it might be genetic.

What do you think would happen to some lab gimp who no one has ever heard of?

You left out a crucial part of my quote. Science does not justify differences the way Sup Forums thinks of them. There is scientific evidence for differences, just small ones, nothing that could justify thinking black folks are dumb brutes and that high crime rates are the result of their incurable genes.

What I'm saying is that even the exiled scientists who acknowledge the differences seem to recognize that the differences are small and that you can't really know much of anything about a person based on their race.

The data itself supports a significant gulf between different sub-populations.

Eurasians share 2-4% of their genome with Neanderthals through an admixturing event that occurred around 50,000 years ago while sub-Saharan Africans share zero.

We've only been diverging from our ancestor with chimps for about 6 million years, 70,000 years is a not insignificant amount of time.

neuroscience, anthropology and philosophy KNOW that races picked up instinct over a million years to be prepared for things so they would be more successful.

the black race never encountered so many "conceptual symbols" compared to whites and that is why they are technically less intelligent.

a room with a million random niggers is going to have more mental deficients in it than a room with five million random white people

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But my point is that the empirical data seems to reflect small differences that are not especially significant.

Try ctrl + f "10%" and read my comment about how small differences between populations do not offer ample intellectual justification for prejudice.

I'd agree it's social, everyone's fault. Although, I'd suggest the weight is more on the receiving party's end.

Too bad, most people don't want to have a rational conversation about it.

it says mixed with whites right next to that retard

But the data doesn't support that at all.

You can only pretend that it does when you try to excuse the lack of progress made by one group with the "It's all environment" handwaving.

Ya exactly. This isn’t exactly a new concept in politics and controlling the narrative of both the party and the accepted “opposition” is pretty much the standard model. Just look at who gets mainstream coverage while being against the orthodoxy and it’s easy to pick them out. The genuine threats perceived by the oligarchs are the groups you have seen that get absolutely demonized. Even then some of those groups that are healed up as the punching bag are probably controlled opposition also but that’s just to muddy the waters and use them as a blanket to cover anyone falling into the camp they genuinely are scared of.

Untrue, the average African American have around 22-30% European ancestry.
That's the only thing that accounts for the 15 or so IQ difference between them and native Africans.

I based my assertion that the data reflects small differences on the words of Charles Murray. He's the author of the Bell Curve, probably the most popular book that white supremcists use as evidence that black people are stupid. He's one of the scientists who advocated for racial differences in intelligence and was banished from academia. He teaches that the differences are small and relatively inconsequential. Listen to his podcast with Sam Harris if you want to hear more on that. I just figure if anyone were a spokesperson for black folks having lower IQs than whites, itd be that guy. AND, he still says the science points towards small differences.

I stand corrected on that then.

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The fact that blacks are genetically predisposed to retardation and violent tendencies is common knowledge and very obvious.
Why are you faggots even arguing about this?

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OP here logging off for the night.

The net aggregate IQ of any society has a direct affect upon the types of government that will function within that country. You can easily observe this watching any honest shows about foreign countries and people’s. Basically if you recognize the value of freedom of speech, rule of law and the maximum reduction of corruption and the concept of self ownership/sovereignty and ones right to defend themselves as they own themselves and a democratic style government you need about a 97+ IQ society. You replace the population with the high enough IQ to function with lower IQ people’s and the entire system of government will collapse. We’re pretty much witnessing this just starting in the west and if some sort of drastic measures are not taken expect the very nature of freedom and rights you currently enjoy have to be adjusted as the government adjusts to most effectively farm the populace. Basically if your ok with South American style socialism them your going to be happy in the future

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Who's the chick second row third from the right?

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That’s not my specialty and if you look up “the people’s veto” on YouTube he probably has the best videos covering the subject with sourced information and such. The denial of race realism in the mainstream scientific community is agenda and funding driven. The controlling elites are also trying to tell you gender is non existent and using sexuality as a weapon of warfare against the population, this isn’t science it’s social engineering

You’re moronic OP
What’s most moronic is your attempt to paint yourself as an “intellectual”
You put a lot of faith in an unsourced unquoted “study”.
You also hold a very american-centric viewpoint. Differing crime rates between white vs black only prove how unequal american society is. It does not demonstrate some fundamental genetic propensity towards crime.

America is a racist country - with a dispossessed and ghettoised community of people , who , Very unsurprisingly, have a higher crime rate.
This is congruent with poverty issues in all nations and is not dependant on race.

The problem in America is poverty and unequal distribution of wealth - not with race.

Prove me wrong

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>ok with socialism

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You posted this in a thread of

>people who are racist to be edgy
>people who are actually racist
>people who are aggresively anti racist
>14 year olds who pretend to be 30 and/or know wtf their talking about

Can't tell if extremely optimistic or extremely stupid

There is literally no systemic racism in America based off the laws as they currently are and now there are racist policies targeting European Americans as per the diversity quotas, college entrance adjustments, pre-12 diversity schooling programs etc. You show me one law targeting anyone aside from whites or one law enforcing white cultural norms on minority’s and I may take you seriously for a second. Minority’s have been fully free to practice their own personal cultures without interference sense the 1960’s social movement’s and as such you blaming someone else for their own choices is ridiculous. Your make your political camp look bad comrade, at least try and come up with some sort of coherent economic argument instead of post modern jiberesh

Well start protecting workers right by fighting immigrants that smash collective union wage bartering power for the capitalists/libertarians and maybe fight for gun rights like all genuine comrades did. The last thing any of the bourgeoisie want is an armed populace of workers they can’t enslave and abuse

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>Doesnt back up statement with facts
>Thinks memes are valid forms of evidence
White supremacy is a mental disorder. Now call me a nigger or kike because you're too intellectually inferior to come up with an actual argument.

How do you feel about La Rassa, Black identitarian movement’s and the Chinese ethnic superiority promoted by their government? Are they all mentally ill also? Just need some clarification if you are just an anti-white type or generally against any groups identitarian movements in general

Struggling to find the meme in that pic.

The absolute cope
I'm so happy I wasn't born into the most inferior, subordinate race there is
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All identitarian groups are stupid.

>Dumb white retard doesn't understand memes
>The absolute cope
You're on Sup Forums bitching about other races instead of actual defending your ideals. You're a man with no conviction or courage. You're the only pathetic one here.

Well that’s good to hear, I thought you were just a standard neo-liberal with the anti-white divisive scripted response we all hear non stop

How you worded this was niggardly. Basically black will be dumber than white but we can't say that because some might be smarter than our retarded whties.


That's not a meme though, it's literally the 2019 mass shooters up until like September.
Trust a negroid to be this retarded.

>show me wun raychism laww derr dum dum
You’re a retard.
Just because racism is not legal, doesn’t mean America isn’t abundantly racist.

To argue that America ISNT fundamentally racist is to ignore the real politique of modern day America , and to utterly disregard its history .
In short , you are a myopic retard desperately bargaining for an alternate reality.

It's a fucking meme. Why is anyone who disagrees with you automatically black? Are you that insecure? Assuming things without data to back them up is intellectually inferior. You're a dumb white loser.

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Don’t feed the trolls.

Nigger, spic, kike whatever.
The problem is that you're a minority and a blight on society.
If it's just a 'meme' then why are you so fucking upset.
Fragile fucking brown people I'll tell ya...

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But what someone is is what they are. Race is a reality.

>Popular people aren't shoving this thing into my face so I can't approve of it
Just stop and go read up on logical fallacies.
Also, you typed out 200 words instead of getting to the point in 50 max words. Think a little before you post shit like this, okay?

>call me a nigger or kike because you're too intellectually inferior to come up with an actual argument.
>doesn't have an argument himself

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