Just stole this in my bro's stash

Just stole this in my bro's stash.
What drug is this? How potent is it? Should I break it in half.

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Honestly bro, for the sickest high you should put it inside your ween.


Post a video eating the whole thing

It is a fucking Flintstones chewable vitamin

I cant tell if you're retarded or a really good troll. A fucking pez candy?

It clearly says zed you dumb cunt

this is just pepto bismol but in pill form, you won't get high off of it you retarded addict

How new are you?

I heard if you pop it with about a gallon of Nyquil you'll trip so hard you can see the afterlife.

Dude that's a fucking pez candy just eat it

Wasted trips on a retard.
Crush it up and snort.

Stfu you dumb cunt it's pez

clearly says Z3d

Its the z-isotope of MDMA you fucking pleb retard

Pretty sure the PEZ is short for Prozac

Stick it up your ass like the faggot you know you are

it's not even worth it. we all know the saying pink = twink. if you eat it youll become gay, so if you break it in half youll be half gay, so youll become bi. your choice...

Only way those work is if you stick them up your ass.

Is that a lego?

Boof it

OP stole this from an r/facepalm post about a mom finding it in her sons room

great detective work retard