About to hop in the shower...

About to hop in the shower. Dubs gets pics of me doing whatever sexual thing you ask me to do (Minus face pics) Roll em boys and make me Sup Forums's gay slut for the night

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Pic of sharpest knife in your fartbox. Blade in first.

Alright faggot lemme rephrase what I said

Whatever sexual thing that won't cause me physical harm. No fucked up shit like scat or knives you dork

Timestamp you faggot, also largest object you can find up your ass

Stuff 50 pencils inside fartbox. Unsharpened.
If you don't have 50 pencils, use pens.
Not enough pens? Use sharpies.
Not enough sharpies? Use tree branches.



Stick your hand or just your fingers up your ass

dick pics or gtfo

Gimme a sec to find something ;) here's your timestamp tho

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FDAU with object sticking out of ass

Spread your ass nigga


Show your dick

I see some large objects right behind you. Use the toilet roll holder.

sharpie up the pooper

Sound yourself

Shave your asshole



Finger yourself



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Bitch with what I have nothing to use

please, please shave your ass before taking pics

You dont have qtips what are you poor?

Holy shit I didn't think you'd actually do it.


Hard pass user, try again later

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Finger self

Would you like that? ;)


Shave dat ass PLEASE

"Whatever sexual thing you ask me to do"
No surprise op is a pussy ass faggot, dont offer to do shit if you dont have the balls to

Shit on the floor

Fuck it I'll do a freebie. Keep rolling I'll be back when I'm shaved. Post some cock pics too and get me prepped ;)


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Sorry not everyone is into demented shit like knife up pooper?


Big difference then sounding you beta, people do that all the time

If quads you use a knife and shove it up your pooper.

Halfway done anons, dont let this thread die!!

Ty so much, amazing butt, hair ruins it, I love them smooooth n thic, you missing the smooth part now

Grab as many rocks you can outside your home and shove them up your booty hole.

Shove whatever you're using to shave your ass hairs, up your fartbox.

You live alone or

Shove a spoon up your ass.


Halfway huh

Op has abandoned us

Holy shit, RIP OPs poop chute at this point

OP cut a vein and is bleeding to death

How's this anons? ;)

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Cum running out of your ass would perfect it

Stick a whole pen up your ass

ever been rimmed op?

Like this? ;*

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Great, now grab a spoon and shove it up your ass. Obviously, NOT the handle in first.

Unfortunately no :(

Shit on a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone

My guy I'm not running to the kitchen for that. How about my sharpie?

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Try to fist your ass

Trips gets a pic of my buttplug in :o

how about i stick my tongue or dick in instead :p

I would LOVE that. Gimme a pic? ;)

This is the best I got :/

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Very sexy. Are your sure you can't fit anymore fingers in your slutty hole? You've got me hard as fuck

not the best angle but meh

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I've tried user...it's been a while since I've used my hole. I'm an anal virgin, you know :(

Oh my:* I wouldnt mind letting you fill me up if you let me do the same to you ;P

Damn I would love to cum inside your virgin hole. Don't you have any lube to make it easier for you?

sure but you gotta let me choke on it first, dats da rules

I have spit and elbow grease and that's all I need :P

Figured I'd try to one up you with my own pose :* that's not a problem at all. I promise I'm a grower ;-;

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That's the spirit, slut. You should finger your hungry ass some more and maybe eventually you could fit more in

My god yes make me your slut

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you have me beat no worries :p
I'll bet you're a grower, especially when I'm bouncing on your dick and you're bouncing on a dildo

oooooo you have a plug to loosen your ass up. I bet your slut ass is just begging for a dick in it. Such a pretty ass and plug too.

I disagree, your ass looks so lickable ;P And oh I didnt even think of that. I love that idea ;)

Show feet

K ;)

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Fuck this slut has suckable toes

Mhmmmm it's craving cock so so much. I mean look at the precum I'm leaking from the plug and this thread! I definitely didnt use some of it as lube for my plug haha :o

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Oh yea I would love to mix my and your precum on my cock head and use it as lube fuck your virgin ass

Mmm what else would you do to me?

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I would jerk your drooling cock while pounding away at your ass so you could cum as I'm filling your ass up with my cum. Then I would scoop your cum up off your belly and feed it to you

Fuck that gave me goosebumps. I would love that so so much

Mmm I would love the feeling of your virgin ass sucking the cum out of my cock. Can you get your cock hard for me baby?

You mean like this?

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Yea baby I would love to rub our precun covered cocks together while I suck your cute nipples. We would have our cocks drooling all over each other

Ugh that sounds fucking amazing right now

You're all faggots

Shhhhh just jack off to my pics like a good Sup Forums user

You're the scum that's killing western civilization, end yourself

Nah I'd rather choke on that cock ;*

Choke on my fucking cock you dumb nigger

God you've got me so hard for you. I would love to fucking cum so deep inside you.

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