How long does it take to nuke a fruit fly infestation in my microwave?

How long does it take to nuke a fruit fly infestation in my microwave?

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Idk but that's pretty interesting, you wanna build them up and then eventually turn it on?

you actually have to clean it

Do you think that I could get a good pile going? Would they fuse together? Or just disintegrate?

Press 9 a bunch then start it

I think they just pop like ants on a frying pan

Had this same problem, ended up having to clean the nukebox after a few weeks. Nothing seemed to phase the little faggots.

Microwave wave length is to long things need to be larger the an inch to be caught between the waves peaks and have the water molecules oscillated. So no amount of time will get rid of them

ok put a cup of water in there and steam it until they cook,and then the steam will have loosened all the disgusting shit in your microwave and then you can easily clean the fucking thing.

Thats actually kinda smart

So, you're saying if I put rice in the microwave, it'll never heat up? I think someone needs to go back to school.

Yeah, you!

Or popcorn kernels

Ever had microwaved popcorn?

It is the bag being heated

Gotta stick a cut up lemon in the water.
Dunno why it works better but it does.
Makes it smell nicer too.

Now you're just trolling.

Did ya'll retards never take science in fucking high school?

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Throw a ball of aluminum foil in

getting a C- in science means you took it but learned almost nothing. so yah, lots of idiots took science in high school.

You will have to try reading a book sometime friend