> be me

>> be me
>> finals week of college
>> trying to sleep
>> roommates get home at 2 am
>> drunk off their asses
>> with a bunch of friends
>> still drinking
>> music loud af
>> rage.jpg

One text to the PA and they'd be kicked out, if not arrested.... decide our fate, Sup Forums

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Fuck those inconsiderate bastards

Hard living with a Chad huh?

Mind your own business you little bitch.

alright mate, i'm trying to keep up my grades so i dont lose my full ride but yeah fuck me for wanting to sleep before my finals, right?

you r pathetic no wonder your roommates treat you like this
do something about it or dont

I mean you're right but I'm still kind of torn on that exact issue. If I do nothing, I lose, but if I do anything, I'm the asshole who snitched on his roommates

Call 'em.

Senior prank bro, haha

its college football Saturday don't be a faggot and join them

my university literally doesn't have a football team and this isn't the first time they've pulled this shit

What's a poorfag like you going to do with an education? It's a waste of time.

can't you just fucking nut up ? pop off on them so they take their little fag party elsewhere
calling the cops on them is fucking retarded, just walk in there and flip a table

Yeah but you're the asshole who's going to graduate. Fuck those people. They're not going to pay your bills or support your family in the future. You're going to get nowhere being a people pleaser. If someone is blocking the path to success you run them over without remorse or warning.

Being a meathead stereotype is great!

>should I use the PA for the reason they exist?

Is there any good reason you haven't yet??

Don't you mean an RA? Why would you need to text a Physician's Assistant?

stop being a bitch and tell them cut it off.
Had this issue once, simply went over to tell them to stfu as i had a final the next day. They shut up and that was the end of it. No need to go snitch like a rat.

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I say either grow some balls and report them so you get some peace or accept they're having more fun than you and don't be a snitch ass bitch

Make some earplugs out of toilet paper.

It's Saturday bitch you can sleep a you want tomorrow

Swat them.
>drunk roid rage gets dudebro shot

Report them immediately.

Get up and drunk with them, faggot. If you don't know the material by now, cramming won't help you.

You're only young once, do you want to spend it angry, or cracking open a cold one with the boys?

Citation: college grad with a job not in the field I studied, like 90% of people.

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