4 chan I need some advice my dad died 5 years and my mom died a week ago I’m 19 and doing university I have a younger...

4 chan I need some advice my dad died 5 years and my mom died a week ago I’m 19 and doing university I have a younger brother and if I don’t adopt them they’ll go into foster care but if I do I’ll have to stop university and get a job to support us both and move back home what should I do

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It's simple.
You don't want your brother growing up with nigger kids, that's why you have to adopt him.

Do you have any family members that would help you?

My dad had a brother and my mom was an only child and my dad and my uncle lives alone and lives pay check to pay check he can’t and all my grandparents are dead so no

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Adopt him and keep going to university; use whatever welfare shits your country has to keep your heads above water.
Good luck, user.

Do you know of any good ones in Canada

Do you have a sister?

What did your parents die of? What country?

I don’t just a little brother

My dad died of a heart attack and my mom died of brain cancer also in Canada

That sucks man. Did they have any cousins or close friends that could take your brother in?

What race? Isn't Canada a welfare heaven?

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Let him go into foster care. Spend 4 years getting a good paying job and make it up to him when he's older by paying for his living expenses and tuition while he goes to college.

Foster care will toughen him up.

Not really they deny almost everything

I have some close friends and cousins but they’re all around my age and aren’t prepared to have a child

I don’t know if I could do that to him I really don’t know what to do it’s driving me insane

Stop uni and do the highest-paying job you can find
When brother finishes school have him start working too in order to support himself, you go back to uni and get a part-time job
When you're done with uni your brother can go to uni too, and you might be able to support you both

Do NOT let him go into foster care, might as well just end his life right now if you do