What do you think of female police officers? also would like to see more women in uniform

What do you think of female police officers? also would like to see more women in uniform.

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i think it'd be funny if a nigger ran up and blew her skull out, but that wouldn't be very nice

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i think she's hot as fuck but useless with her little pink cuffs trying to stop someone 200+ lbs

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i think they get paid less for a reason

They're useful for comforting distraught people and dealing with women and children. Some of them can probably be fine detectives but they won't be able to overpower anyone and I wouldn't trust one to have my back.

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That's why god invented guns

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Doing their duty

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seems like a nice compromise to the police "brutality".

Let me get this straight, she wants to be paid the same as a male officer, she's like 1/3 the size.

They're shit at their job especially when it comes to dealing with males:

fascists come in many genders

A lot of them give off a judy hopps feel

all those years of training really payed off

I guess you're right. In most other professions people are paid in accordance with their body size, after all.

>I guess you're right. In most other professions people are paid in accordance with their body size, after all.
Maybe in IT where the keyboard and PC are the same size, but when you need 3 women to take down a big ass nigger, you are paying 3 times as much as one big male cop who can do it by himself.

hi jidf

i don't see what she did wrong

they’re probably less likely to beat black kids to death but fuck them anyway

is there any update on what happened to the officer? and the mother?

In Russia, women fire missiles, and fly drones.


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That's what that thing she's holding is for.

>i don't see what she did wrong
She had zero control of the situation.

You know they're trained for that shit, right? They have pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, batons, etc.

What if the felon overpowers the female police officer because she's small and weak?

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She could have shot him with a tazer.

They use the same tools a male officer of literally any size would

I'd bend her over her car and rape her ass hard and brutally

She used to be a Dutch police officer. Due to one stupid instagram picture, she got offered a modeling job.

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I would not want to be arrested by a woman though.

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Is this the sexy little bitch from LivePD?

fuck yeah, bet shes got a nice turd cutter on her

Hard to resist a woman that smells like gunpowder and Hoppes #9

why not user? i mean the severity of the crime changes the situation but if she was just arresting you for something minor why would it be any different

Tazers don't always work. You can check that channel for many examples of that. There's no substitute for brute strength or a bullet.

I'm just saying I would not want to be arrested and interrogated by a female cop.
They might abuse me like they're doing to this poor innocent man.

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I find it kinda unfair that a woman has to fight off a buff nigger but whatever i guess

just a fact

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fighting off buff niggers would be shitty for anyone

Here is a short film 4 (You)
female nsa recruit training (warning:graphic, violent, some viewers may find the following video disturbing)

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They’re female cops

they're very weak, and thus dangerous. instead of being able to control a suspect physically, they'll kill the suspect (or get killed).
whereas a male officer will be able to control a suspect.

women (and gays/trannies) do not belong in the police force or military, ever.

I think the officer in OPs post is fine. I love watching her on Live PD. Absolutely useless in a real situation but God damn that tight little body gets me hard.

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There are a few women suitable for police but few ever take that kind of a job. I used to date a 6'2" woman who was a college shot-putter. She had a grip that could crush your dick (or your hand...).
But she decided to become an insurance agent.

with training it's very easy.

You mean a gun? Lol

Even a tiny japanese guy 5'2" is still a lot stronger than a typical woman, plus even a tiny man has the testosterone necessary for the aggression sometimes necessary when using force.

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I'd smell their panties after a long shift

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יש kik

They are class traitors and racist bullies like all cops. They only exist to jam people up. They perform no useful function.

Look at fucking Barney Fife there carrying two guns lol. What a faggot.

ah. the jew.

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>rule #14


Every (straight) chick cop I've ever known had a complex for banging men in uniform before they even decided to become cops, and then they get passed around the department like slam pigs and never taken seriously by their male counterparts. It's kinda like the military!

a cute girl cop there

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They are for the most part a shitty social experiment. I've seen 2 female cops try to take on a drunk pacific islander.
The guy was probably only 5'7 and they couldn't hold him down, it took 1x 6'0 skinny male to take him down without using any weapon while these female cops were debating on tazering or shooting the drunk.
Woman are not typically suited for this kind of work.

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They're a liability and most are worthless "muh community" fucktards who have been told that they're goddess superheroes for so long that they believe their own bullshit.

Male officers pick up the slack and shut the fuck up because otherwise the cunts will cry sexism.

a pig is a pig

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Yeah, just murder everyone since you can't handle cuffing them.

Great plan dumbass.

No matter how much training you have, a 115lb split tail is going to be incredibly lucky if she manages to take down even a skinny male.

And she won't be lucky the second time.

Yeah, trained for that shit.

And with male partners because they still can't handle it.

>women (and gays/trannies) do not belong in the police force or military, ever.

reeeeeeeeeeeee women can do anything reeeeeeeeeeeee

And her FTO is too afraid to tell her she's a fucking idiot for having a thigh holster flopping around at her knee inhibiting her ability to run...

They're a bad idea:


Implying she wants to run with all those weapons

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half of a patrol officer's job is chasing motherfuckers

I just think it's funny how she's expected to take a 6'3 fatass like me down by herself when-judging by her build- i could bench press her, and then she's supposed to be able to haul my ass out of danger in an emergency? I guess i'll either die or wake up with a twisted ankle and a scraped up face where she had to drag me by leg?

Tl;dr, the genders aren't the same, sexual dimorphism is more than skin deep.

Top qt from livepd

German police seems nice

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I really think women police officers are a bad idea. There are way tooamy criminals that can easily over power them or just out run them. Physically, they just aren't up to the job. Now with that being said, my sister works at a prison. But there, the inmates have no ( or very limited) access to weapons and her back up is less than 30 seconds on the other side of a door. Plus, my sister is 6'3". She's not exactly your " average" sized broad.

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Too many *

love the before and after pics!

Yeah we had this thing going on at my work last week, there was like 50 police officers at the event helping.
I kept eyeballing this one female police officer, she was so sexy

i have thought of being security at a prison but i don't want to get into a profession that takes my prints lol

Christ those eyes are haunting. Like I’m staring at the grim fucking reaper. Seriously unsettling.

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If the govt wants your prints or dna they already have it anyway. I used to be in the same boat

Yeah, pretty much this.

If you ever even have a job that requires any kind of responsibility, they're going to make you get finger printed anyhow.

I mean, I get the thought process behind finger printing, but that whole system can be defeated with the cheapest pair of gloves.. Or your socks on your hands if you forgot your gloves.

Nuts or sluts.

Probably no worse than the soft, fat-fuck male cops

A female cop is just a rape that hasn't happened yet.

>would like to see more women in uniform
I would prefer to see more of them out of it.

How's being 12 working out for you?

Being a police officer isn't about overpowering everyone you see. In about 99% of cases a cop with good command presence who doesn't start trouble where it doesn't need to be started by being disrespectful or aggressive gets through their day peacefully. Most criminals know that they can't win fighting the cops and don't try. In situations that are more likely to be volatile there are usually 6 cops arresting one person.

There are good female cops out there who are as capable as any male. Then there are those who just want to say look at me I'm a tough girl tee hee and are more concerned with looking cute in their uniform. That being said there are good male cops and then those who joined because they've been small dicked cowards their whole life who just wanted to feel powerful and will probably get their asses kicked faster than any female if actually challenged.

TL;DR having a dick doesn't make you tough

It isn't being immature to recognize reality. Reality is that women are naturally weaker than men and worse at fighting. A female cop is eventually going to try to arrest someone who will just overpower and rape her. Thus my statement.

The worst part about interacting with a female cop is if she has a male partner he immediately becomes a white knight and every asshole cop personality trait gets magnified by about 10.

Also, I find as a white man the best cop interactions I have are with black female cops. They’ve always seemed to have the least asshole cop attitude.

So where are all these female cop rapes then? There’s thousands of female cops out there now and have been for years. By your logic most of them should have all eventually been raped by now. So where are the reports of all these rapes?

They don't report it because it will make them look weak. Happens all the time. On a long enough timeline, all female cops get raped.

They our bitches

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She that chick from live PD?

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