Make me a Greta fan Sup Forums

Make me a Greta fan Sup Forums

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I'd be sucking that bitches clit if I had the chance.
(I'm an 18 yo Kentuckyfag and our consent laws allow me to express this)

How about you quit the retard alt-right Sup Forums psy-op to attack a little girl? What a pathetic waste of air you faggots are.

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Lets see if someone baits on this


nah i'll give you another shot on that, it was painfully bad

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lul plz.
They also said this under the 70s:
Maldives will be under water
We have 10 years to prevent a disaster
All ice on Greenland will be melted in early 2000

Keep on rimming big oil boomer

Read the article.

also dont forget that the increased temperature also had a little bit to do with little ice age that ended in late 1800s. probably got something to do with higher average temperatures during 1900-now faggots

ok you got me, now i think like you and since you're thinking like that its the truth. we must act now or well be dead in 10 years!

We should be 50 years past entering a cooling cycle right now. The planet is still warming because human activity is heating it up.

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we should be lucky, a higher temperature is better than a lower

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Who think was him...?

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no need to be a fan. never listen to alarmists.

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thats some great input and next level humiliation skills!