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Op you lazy nigger post something in your own fucking thread.

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god saw an incel and gifted him sex toys, so yes, there is a god.

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This isn’t a nigger, it would be funny then.

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wtf is tripcode

What a shit thread

It's a weed thing.


One of the worst ylyl threads, I haven't even grinned yet

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livefootage from trumps walls

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fact of the week

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fucking state of this place

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what the fuck did I just watch


dont you have spaghetti scissors?

Yeah, we're ingenius.

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Goddamn it

Pretty sure he is married

Iconic gif. Forget the name of the girl though. Anyone?

But never indigenous.

Is that the dubs guy?

>What's Europe?


this one got me^^

Land stolen from the black kings.


this is more funny when you realize it is make up and shot by an isis camera crew lmfao

Let's this thread going boys

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Also need to know this

good save

Explain the image

Hahahahahhahaha oh wait the joke isnt there because you're a fucking retard

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better love story than twilight.


Lost to chair face

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It needs nuked.

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>lurk more faggot

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Should I send out these Christmas cards this year?

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Fuck you




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Small exhale from my nose
Slight smile
Almost broke me
I'm mad I lost to this


Also need to know, for reasons

Fucking classic

I think i found her name. Pocahontas jones. But i cant find the video

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epic win ^^

No u

pocahontas jones

Oldy but goldy

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