Would you marry a black woman?

Would you marry a black woman?

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marriage is a scam

I would not marry anyone

No. What's wrong with her legs? Why are they so lumpy around the knees?

Yeah, probably. Seem the most loyal, and least entitled tbh.

Why not?


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shes a world renowned wrestler

I do not want to be robbed.
Are lumpy knees important in wrestling? I'm sorry but I can't understand you.

Humans can't marry other species.

Floating underwear?


That would be bestiality

I've got a massive black chick fetish but no way I'd marry and breed them. I Think we should fuck eachother occasionally but live separately and breed according to race.
Otherwise what fun is life if it's all the same intermingled shit

How? Black kweens are humans.

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Marry? No. Fuck em and flee? Sure. I don't need black people drama and you damn well know they all come with drama.

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No they're fuckpigs.
Do Not let your seed in them

here's your (((you)))

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Not unless she had a 9/10 body and personality

I already did she has been pushing me to have a kid. I don't want a half breed and I wouldn't recommend marrying one. I met her when I was a desperate Neet about 6 or 7 years ago married her about 4 or 3 years ago. She is nice and now I finally have my shit together I wish I would of waited for a nice white girl.

that's fat.


Fuck no, no one wants to marry someone who is loud in public

not one that think taking a pic in front of a poster in the cinema is a good thing