Which one and wwyd?

Which one and wwyd?

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Closer ish

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For the love of god dont stop op

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How old is she?

Damn it i wish i was on pc so i could get better jpgs. idk, she might accept your follow request though

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No clue

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Side photo

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Side with ass

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Frontal pt1

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Frontal pt2

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Alright 2 more then im done
Another frontal

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And side

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I lied last last one

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got a higher res version of her profile pic right here op

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this thread is a good reminder not to date insta sluts anymore. literally fuck this platform, makes it so simple for girls to cheat while showing off their body. fuck this society and fuck my ex girlfriend and all the girls that use ig


Just imagine being a dude that has like 1k plus followers and is decent looking. A girl like her is just a free smash for a guy like that. Smh makes me wish I adopted the normie social media life way back when I was in college