First 3 words or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

First 3 words or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.

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Boy or Girl

disgusting poo poo

Stupid ugly faggot

die bitch die

kill all trannies

Seen it before

I don't know :(

androgynous as fuck

what the fuck

Peniscancer flamango fruitbat

That’s a boy

I want more

what is it?

What the fuck

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she's fucking ugly, but i'd still turn her intestines to soup and splort gallons of kiddy batter down her poop chute

What is that

Why the haircut

where is dick

Look mum, no computer.

rather disgusting creature

egg roll tomato ham

i would sex

show pussy frontal

Kill yourself please

Co do kurwy

go fuck yourself


Get a rope

girl or boy

A reverse trap

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Well kooky here

nes pas grille?

Your mother probably conceived you by rubbing her pussy on a dirty old couch with some cum on it

Touch my titties


Where’s the penis?

I hate this

Man or woman

More more more

dumb fucking thread

ugly chick with nice pussy mound

You’re a cunt

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>"Attention K-Mart shoppers"

I wanna use

Does anyone have a photo of gabriel romero from the Pearl Harbor shooting

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nigger faggot kike

Cute would fug

Nigger nigger nigger

gay as fuck

Wot R U?

That’s a dude

This fuckin’guy...

Hmm sauce?

Mark Zuckerberg naked

kiss your sister

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who dat be?


OP mom dies

Nice nipples dude

OP is faggot

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uh oh stinky


this is gay


Big ass nigguh

you are gay

what three words

Is that Zai?

What ew boy

not for me

Nah fuck that

Oversized head freak

queef my asshole

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Fuck every race

Go fuck yourself

Why long face?

Nice dick nigga

Mangina, ladyboy, boylady

Your mom cursed

please commit suicide

Good-bye mom.

Ur a faggot

I'm fucking sad

Fuck off bitch

get a haircut

Kill yourself, neckbeard

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wait what how?

Kill yourself faggot

what the fuck

saging this post

fuck, not again

nigger nigger nigger

fuck you faggot

I would fuck

fuck fuck fuck