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he he


fucking hate this dumb attention whore

Kinda mad at the fact that she had has objectively unattractive feet.

she's got a small ass head

She’s not even attractive, she looks like her extensive drug use has taken a toll on her still teen body


Silly guygash


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Nah really? I feel like they’re pretty good

brand new miley

Pic related

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Bitch has a dudes face and looks permanently drowsy.

William Eyelash is so disgusting.

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>self-made millionaire
>by making the worst shit "music" ever

Life makes zero sense

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I'm staying a virgin forever Billie :(

Wow super loml huge crush

Hnnnng I think you're cwte kewoo stays a virgin forever goth boy clan

Hey fathead how'd your head get so vbig PwRRZ in trapanese

same here! and she looks like she has down syndrome

Hi big head yow probably don't even know me i'm @26locks BwT I think of you all the time

puke... she is nasty as fuck

would love to see those tits bouncing on my dick

Wow i'm so hwngry, please have seat on my face

There's 2 type of people. Those that say they'd fuck and liars

Golden Hearted Generous Badass with a twisted side.


I'd like to sniff her butthole

i wouldn't even let this trailer trash bitch fuck my dog.

Moot has returned.
Join this shit for ethots LOL



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Um hi baby do you CwM here often, me and my almighty glow gang twin are tryna score

Moot has returned.
Join this shit for ethots LOL



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Moot has returned.
Join this shit for ethots LOL



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Moar pls am Sam am her biggest fan SAMs THA man

Does anyone have that gif of her wrapping her entire mouth around some big ass comb? I lost it

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this chick is dumb, makes horrible music, and doesn't know how to brush her hair or even look nice at all. she deserves 0% of the fame and money she has. she looks stoned 24/7 probably why she sucks at lyrics...she looks and talks like she is dumb as bricks

Her feet are above average, especially her soles.


I hate you, Bobby England is better than you

was it? I was not all there when it slide past my slurred vision before black vertigo

people are mad as if she's done anything wrong

Post them

Omg I want to have a good time

She's a coalburning degenerate whore.

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I want to go to heaven :(

she is objectively unattractive

why is she always making the same face

>but guys she has BEWBS!
>and she makes our favorite nigger bop!

No love for nigger lovers

dumb little girls like this end up in a ditch with a permanent gaper

she is a nigger lover

Serious question about her. What is with her miserable emo tribute act? She's from a middle class family with a good education. Is the in thing nowadays giving kids a made up mental disorder and cutting themselves?


im so tired of seeing this bitch

"I'm that nigger, they call ELM $TReeT MeNaCE from OBLoCK I get Pw$$Y I UPLw$T porn to Instagram

it isn't made up. bunches of studies revealing the pill literally changes your brain and how you think and the new links about plastic is seeping into our bodies at 8x the rate "safe"

our personas are under attack by chemicals

Thoroughly disgusting.

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Says there faggot that's ok with doing drugs

Actually they call me that nigger rich whight man stinkmeaner BwT I don't believe them

she's doughy as fuck. she's going to be fat and not famous in 2 years or suddenly lose weight when she's legal.

legit almost puked

I'm sorry, can you repeat that post in understand?

Haven't seen enough of them to know if her feet are good or not.

you realise she makes herself look like that on purpose right? she says she does it so that people can’t sexualise her as it would be wrong since she’s still underage

agree, that shirt under his jacket needs to be yellow or a subtle red :)

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damn she thicc

amerimutts are really disgusting

The thing that amazes me is how much of a big deal she seems to you. In my country there is nothing about her. Not even our music tv plays her. Actually I never heard about he until the threads here started.

Heroin chic is back in.


there is a difference between looking nice and looking like a whore... she looks like a slob


"Billie Eilish Says She Wears Baggy Clothes So People Can’t Judge Her Body"

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only fags and chicks that like shit music like that ugly bitch... and she is ugly as fuck but nerds and dudes that don't get laid think she is hot for some reason. prob because they have never been with a real woman.

Because shes under age and has big tits

as I said, she does that on purpose since she’s underage and sexualising herself would bring unwelcome attention from perverts.

lol yet she wheres playboy shit... imagine having all that money and still having no style & not knowing how to dress nice.

Does it know if its a boy or girl?

as i said retard, she can dress nice and not look like a slobb. there is a diff between dressing like a whore were you will get sexualized and dressing nice like a respectable human. man you are dumb.

Nothing but a talentless sub human lover of pavement apes,

agreed lol ape lover

Yeah, and she apparently shaves her legs. Go figure.

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you’re pretty naive if you think that by dressing nice you won’t attract unwanted attention. the worse you dress and the less attractive you make yourself look the less perverts you attract. It’s pretty simple user no one likes you if you look like a crack whore

guards gettin’ a good look

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My mom went through her whole life dressing frumpy to avoid the unwanted attention from men. She lives with regret now that her youth has faded and she wishes she could have learned the skills necessary to look attractive. Billie's gonna carry that weight.

Jokes on her, she's inner sexualizing herself.

Plus she can't be against it if she's for sure fuck every Nigger she "sings" with.

Crack or meth. She's definitely gonna look like a $2 whore soon.

Remember as a kid, when your mom told you to stop making stupid faces or it'll stay like that?

I guess you never saw a modestly dressed woman before without sexualizing them. Kind of makes your the pervert faggot.

fucking hate this stupid whore..

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