Girls who have had your dick in their mouth with stories and details

Girls who have had your dick in their mouth with stories and details

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ive never even held a girls hand

>with stories and details
>with stories and details
>with stories and details
>with stories and details
OP, if you don’t follow your own posting rules, I’m not going to help you jerk off. This isn’t a truck stop glory hole.

Worked my cock in her mouth like an all star in college. She swallowed everything. Bumping for others who have gotten with her

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Given how grainy this pic and that her real boyfriend has been cropped, we can assume whatever comes next to be a fantasy OP has been dreaming about for several years.

Wasn't the best but she wouldn't mind sucking it. Would randomly ask if you wanted a blowjib and drop to her knees. She tried but have had better

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She loved sucking cock

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Damn. Love her. More

Know her?

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No but she’s gorgeous. Keep going!

Wwyd with her

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Everything!! She’d be great cowgirl. Want her bouncing on my cock


friend of friend, her bf was out of town, she blew me on her knees, liked me grabbing the back of her head forcefully

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far left, she was way to good at it. cupped the balls and swallowed everydrop. her bf never found out

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shes on right

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Hnngg. So hot

co-worker that loved sucking after happy hours

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shes tiny too. it was worth getting those whiteclaws lol

Why aren't there any pictures of these women with dicks in their mouths?

No gag reflex whatsoever

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gf sucked me off the first time and licked me up

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mouth on it!

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not the best ive ever had, but very enthusiastic and swallowed every time

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was happy to do it and not bad at it, but really just wanted to get fucked

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this cucks wife, had some skills too

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left. she was the horniest girl. any chance she got. my cock was in her hand,mouth ,or holes

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Had a one night stand with this girl in Vegas. Fucked up after bottle service. Fucked, then switched to her mouth. Laid on her back and let me stand and fuck her mouth upside down but too much gagging so ended up switching to her knees. Told me not to cum on her tits not in her mouth. I ended up pulling out too late and drenching her face. She was pretty shocked. Afterward told me noone ever came on her face.

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left. awful head, total cold fish in bed

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More of left. Slut stories?

friends older sister-she just loved sucking and swallowing

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Sucked it in the middle of a house party

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Beat your kids

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used to get road head all the time. i swear shed get me hard in public just so her friends could see

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Use to suck it in high school. Great deep throat skills and would get for her tits to be pulled on

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How was she in bed? She a good cocksucker?

Pics of her tits? Sluttiest thing she's done with you

ex fwb who loved cum. swallowed me and another guy in the same day on multiple occasions. Told me the most she ever swallowed was for 3 guys in one week

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idk sluttiest. but one, she sucked me off in front of her close friends.

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neighbors wife, she was pretty unhappy with his cheating so had an affair with me

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Michelle Pittman?

Guy friends there too? She do it to completion? If so, swallow or on her?

all girls, yes and yes swallow

no, Ellen, she was in hiking group and her cuck liked to watch her suck and fuck me and friends

How was she? She do slutty stuff to get back at her hubby or shit talk him while you banged her?

She let you show off her nude body to your guys friends?

How did it come to happen?

She's swallowed my load every day for the past 4 years. Claims to love the way it tastes

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yea at the time they all saw her tits.

was a "gift"

at first she was pretty tame, got her into licking my ass and anal, used a few dildos on her and eventually shared her with a few friends too. her and her man broke up few years later

How was she during those threesomes? She like multiple cocks at once?

She does the best blowjob

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damn good after a few practice rounds! she liked it good and hard and was all holes open, her man had no idea what a good fuck he had

Live or from pics

pics. but they did fall out in front of alot of them at a party

Got any pics? She shit talk her husband while getting fucked?

I said one night stand but technically we fucked two times that weekend then never saw her again.

First time we met at a big pool party, which lead to us going back to her room for shots, which led to making out and her grinding on me in her bikini. She teased me telling me we could only make out since we just met. Eventually I was rock hard in my short swimsuit. She brushed her hand against my crotch, and commented on how and giggling at how hard she was making me. I readjusted my bottoms, letting my dick stand up more comfortably. It allowed the top of my dick/head to stick out, which is what did it for her. She said "damn, thats nice" and told me she loved big dicks. She ended up untying her top and sucking me on her knees. After 10 minutes I had to fuck her, so leaned her against the sink, pulled her bikini bottoms aside and railed her from behind. Her tits bounced in the bathroom mirror and she whinsed and said "fuck" alot. Finally I pulled out and came on her round fat ass. Later that night was when we met back up.

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Good dick sucking milf

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She ever ask if she could fuck any of your friends?

just girl friends

I'll suck her tits till she's dry. Any nudes??

Very slutty in college.

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Mines never asked to fuck anyone else but has said she would suck dicks in front of me

friends mom, she needed some car help, was waiting at the auto shop forever with her then and went to get nearby bar for drinks, car still wasn't ready till the next day , and on the way back to drop her off she gave me a bj

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If a girl doesn’t show her tits off a lot they are probably not any good

She let you have nudes? Let's see

Those tits are to die for. What else she did?

lol as much as i wish that were true. with most girls ive done. few "show them off" and most had great tits.

Heyyy!...he was behind of this

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she wasn't gonna let us take pics or vids, she had kids and worried they would get posted someday ( definitely would have) she was a dirty talker, saying stuff like " his little dick could never satisfy her" how pissed he would be knowing how much she got off getting fucked by our black dicks

I guess most are more friendly here. Boobs are great.

im a tit guy too

these two

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Girlfriend loves showing hers off. Everyone we know has seen them but it doesn’t bother me. Seeing her topless is hot. If others think so too it just proves it.

couldnt agree more

She didn't necessarily LET me but I may have snapped a few the next morning

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Keep going homie...

Come on man you took more... Share em all


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Damn... Show us this nyc slut

Harpoon the fat bitch.


Weak sauce

Sucky sucky 5 dorrar

Her tits please!!

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whole story? what else happened? love friends mom storys

actually got introduced by her mom that i work with. took her to a jazz bar and we hit it off pretty well. been about three months now.

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She’ll let you fuck any of her holes and cum anywhere you want on her but not inside of her

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she sucked my dick good and swallowed too. we had made plans to meetup again at my place but few days later she backed out saying it was wrong ( her sons friend) and that she had probably drank too much that night, ahh well I thought , move on. about two weeks later get a late night text from her, she drunk and wants me to meet her out at nearby bar, figure why not. We have some drinks and get to talking about the time she sucked my dick " she says wait till you see how I fuck" .. pay up tab quickly and back to my place! she was a horny slut and loved it good and hard, even let me fuck her ass. saw her on and off a few times weeks for a year, very kinky too!