Serious and honest question. Is it over for non-whites?

Serious and honest question. Is it over for non-whites?
How do you compete with that?
Whites have gigantic dicks and are smart as fuck. Ethnicels are doomed.

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they compete by becoming girls

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Probably my fellow white user, I can't even rough fuck black chicks anymore because they can't take it as they are too used to subpar dick from monkeys, life is hard

this lol

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non white "males" should just become cumdumpster for white BVLLS

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Future of all POC

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I'll still be the one she calls when she feels like pissing off her parents.

I'm not clicking this.

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This is you future

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Ladyboys were literally made for BWC. Asian males become traps so they can get fucked by white foreigners and get money.

imagine frotting with a big white cock, how hot must it be to feel their warm juicy aryan schlong completely envelope and pulsate against your puny brown/asian sissy clitty

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are you latino? I always considered you guys and arabs, white

Only a select few latinos are white, learn the difference

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Fine, white boy.'s my number when you want to piss off your parents.

fair enough, if you're left then you are the same as asians

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Yea brown injun latinos are asiatics and made for BWC

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true, white guys are just better, i cant blame them

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I find arabs hottest, they fuck asian girls so good

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