Come the fuck on, man, again?

Come the fuck on, man, again?

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video games?

what is discord exactly? is it like IRC and those old chat rooms? or is it more like AIM?

More like AIM

video games

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it's better than both of those.

It’s like both of those plus skype.

had to switch back to irc yesterday to talk to my friends

time to move back to irc!

Imagine this being so much an issue to you that you make a thread about it

SAD! fuck off discordtranny

It's shit

You can pass the time by playing video games.

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It's like both og those but with lots of modern QOL features

Both and more plus government approved spyware.

It's basically a replacement for all those. Servers primarily use text channels to chat and share images, videos, embeds, links, etc. but there's also voice chat, voice calls, video calls, and DMs.

I lets me pretend to be a woman and collect gifts from orbiters

it's like that but for redditors that don't know how to use a computer.

Yeah, some sort of IRC + forum features (easy to post pics and stuff) and controlled by a corporation that spy you and steals your data instead of the owns users.

seething boomers welcome to the 21st century


Imagine getting a service for free and then complaining when something of of discords control happens

Basically but with voicechat and media stuff. Unfortunately having to have an account and not being able to self host makes it unusable.

Imageboards are my only contact with the outside world. I hate accounts and friendships.

eternal September and web 2.0 was a mistake. Gen z dipshits ruin everything they touch.


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No service is free. Discord is a business like any other. Quit fellating corporations.

>he thinks discord is free

For as popular as Discord is, I'm fucking constantly amazed at how shitty it is, especially the voice chat. I've had better quality VC out of Skype and free Vent/TS servers. Once you get a couple people in a VC, it's only a matter of time before someone starts robotting and cutting out. Even in fucking 1 on 1 VC with my friends, get random drops and cut outs.

The shitty part is that I want it to not be shit so I can uninstall other voice apps, but they can't even pull off some basic shit other apps have had perfected for years.

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just invite your friends to teamspeak,, or heck, skype, until the api issues are fixed.

Well, the server is busy recording all your conversation and storing your voice in a database for future use in behalf of the Chinese government. And that's good because is free*.

do you pay money to use discord?

Last time I logged into skype I somehow got added to a bunch of south american groupchats who blew up my notifications with huehue gibberish and emote spam.

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>Thinking money is the only thing to pay in

You are whats being sold user. Its free because they thrive off selling your information.

Discord is not video games. I know for a fact that half of the forced memes and repetitive shitposting on here comes from discord trannies. I genuinely hope it dies so more of you can join the 40%.

Imagine being a tranny who pays for discord nitro for decent server data and whacky emotes, then the retards royally fuck up your only means of human interaction and you can't send nudes to your furry boyfriend despite paying 59.99$ for this shit.


No one cares that your favourite hugbox is experiencing issues. Fuck off and die

>No one cares that your favourite hugbox is experiencing issues
and yet everyone on Sup Forums cries whenever it goes down, even if its only for 10 minutes. really makes you think

Get actual friends you fat faggot

>discord dies
>coomer and epicshill posting go dramatically down

every company does this, even google. I don't see your point.


You can buy games on discord

i wouldn't be so against it if they charged for a server and let me host my own on my own PC

Early Skype with a different UI.

>You can buy games on discord
You can? I thought they shut that down and you can only launch games through discord

Haha XD wouldn't it be funny if we keep acting like other websites don't exist or that we don't use them? It's so funny when we act like Sup Forums is so much better than anything else LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

>lol grandpa irc? use this literal glownigger software

What if I actually don't use Discord though?

You just said the point, moron.
"Every company does this" =/= "It's okay".
I know you're on Sup Forums but rub those two remaining neurons together and try to keep up.

Still not videogames zoom zoom

I'm sure there are people on here who don't, but this meme is just retarded

>discord ends up being down all month


So you can't complain about the service because you are the product being sold? What a good goy you are.

>labels all discord users as trannies
>he doesnt have irl friends he plays vidya with

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Nigger I'm probably older than you

if it's inevitable and out of your means to have your data leeched from you then why even bother? No, i'm not going to live in a web 1.0 shithole like a primitive because of evil corporations

>Using Discord
You are of the dumb

China is taking the chat logs.

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The board quality improves a bit in general when Discord is down. The shitposting and ERP faggots use it to coordinate their board shitting activities

complaining is fine, but refusing to use a service for doing something that everybody else does is retarded unless you stick to only using web 1.0

Trannies: "40% is amatuer numbers. Let's get those figures up!"

>be me
>use discord
>in several Sup Forums servers
>also a tranny
this triggers the Sup Forumsirgin

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reminder that 40% is suicide attempts and not rates. their actual rates are lower than the average white male.

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Why do you feel it necessery to tell everyone here that you're a tranny?
Do you get off on being a source of disgust or something?

>he plays vidya games
look at this faggot, leave Sup Forums now

Oh man they can't even kill themselves properly... Could it be that these attempts are just for attention and that most of these people are just going through some immature phase?

>some chinese salaryman is gonna see my foot-fetish and futanari/trap themed JO session logs

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most of their attempts are cries for help, and they do end up getting the help they need. regular men on the other hand are too scared to tell anyone whats wrong with them so they just bottle up their emotions and suppress suppress suppress until they explode as a mass shooter or they just kill themselves. Many such cases, men are pretty pathetic.