Why do girls like rough sex? seems like the opposite of feminism

why do girls like rough sex? seems like the opposite of feminism.

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>be me
>dating full-blown feminist
>"muh wymns rites" and all
>tolerate it because nice tits, round ass
>finally get to bed
>she wants to be throated
>fuck her throat like shes a fuck doll
>flip her over, start banging her from behind
>reach up, wrap her hair around fist
>she starts to cum
>wrap my hand around her throat and squeeze
>she cums like a quivering geyser
>push her face into the pillow
>tell her "you're my cum dumpster"
>she repeats it as I dump my load
>make her go get a towel to wipe me off afterward
>tell her "suck out the last drop"
>she complies

True story.

All women want to be treated like they are subservient to men. It is in their DNA. A wise man remembers this and treats a woman accordingly in the bedroom. You can treat them like equals everywhere else, but when it counts, she is a fucktoy.


They don’t. Also Amy Adams is 10/10. I’d split that dizzy ginger.

Not so much subservient, it's that evolution has trained them to seek out the biggest badass rapist who can beat up all the other rapist cavemen.


I'm an oldfag, and I have yet to meet a woman that won't smile and say something like "that was pretty hot last night" after a good round of ass-slapping, choking sex. Just don't be a sadist - you have to sort out her level, then push it just a tad farther to make it memorable.

Young men don't understand that they can own women if they just learn how to fuck properly. It isn't that hard, my dudes.

because they want a man who can fight for them. rough sex is a way to tell them that you're in charge.

Amy Adams in definitely hot, and probably whimpers when shes getting throated.

Cool story bro.

Believe it or not, it is actually true. kek.

Lets hope so

>It isn't that hard

I bet you hear that a lot, grandpa

This reminds me of my favourite game at the gym “is he trying to resemble a rapist or a murderer?”

Same reason people like rollercoasters. It's fun to do something you have no control over, that feels dangerous, but that is in actuality safe.

They don't know what they even want. You give them something, you tell them they like it, and they will.

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isn't feminism about equal access to opportunity regardless of gender. I mean, that's what I limit it to. Anything beyond that is some sort of weird gender agenda

Men are bigger for a reason and women enjoy the experience of being an animal by being fucked by an animal. Natural urges are the best, so don't be afraid to be a beast.

But nailed it.

That is why God invented Viagree. Take one of them then watch the ladies scream.


Protip: You don't stop wanting to fuck just because you get older. And once you move onto the 35+ year class women, you find that they want to fuck like Klingon's in heat, so you best make sure you're up to the game.


idk what klingons in heat are like but i feel like you're getting at older women being more aggressive, and you're right. older women feel like they're stock is falling, so they lay all of their cards on the table.

Older women are not only more sexual than younger women, they really can be rutting filthy animals at times. I mean this will all admiration too.

this really speaks to backwards modern culture. young women should technically be more sexual since they're biologically more fertile. we repress women and then they act out sexually when they see that their fertility is winding down.

> is he trying to resemble a rapist or a murderer?

Rule #1 of the red pill:

Listen to what women say, but observe what they do.

I think it has to do with "desireability index".

When women are young and fertile, they are hounded by men who want to fuck them. That makes them coy and also makes them more capricious in their selections.

Once a woman passes a certain threshold, not only does the constant male attention reduce (especially from young men), but she still feels the need to reproduce, and thus becomes more unhindered in her sexual desires.

This is just my pop-psy idea, and I could be totally wrong, but there is no question in my own mind based on experience that women over the age of about 35 are about easily 10x more sexual than they are at 20. Don't even get me started about women in their mid 40's. I've had more tongue up my ass from 45 year old women than I can count. And that is a fact.

Old fag checked in.

Probably conditioning over time. A woman who has had little to no control in her daily decisions is more likely to be submissive in other locations. Especially if dominated sexually earlier in life. Just like a girl friend who will allow you to do more perverse things to her as time goes by. After a month of fucking a girl, I started playing with her asshole. Then started inserting things, small things, but eventually transitioned to dildos. After a few periods of eating her out or fingering her to orgasm with a dildo or butt plug in, I was able to transition to anal sex. I would not have been able to do that initially.
Abusive sex is probably the same way. Light spanking to harder spanking as her tolerance builds. Light bondage to heavy bondage.
Or you could just find a girl who was sexually abused early in life, she'll be happy to please you regardless of the beat down.
You're taking care of her financially, and you're getting something sexually. Just don't expect her to hang around if a better sugar daddy comes along...

what i'm saying is that women should be more promiscuous when they're young, from a biological standpoint. but at the same point, younger women can be choosier. i guess humanity is flawed.

Bi guy. Like rough sex with men,

Being desired and doing such a good job that the man just can't help himself. It's an incredible feeling. I think there's also excitement to being close to all this aggression and power with it being a positive thing. Sorta like .

because it's primal. you should treat her gently afterwards though.

It's Beauty and the Beast. They want to tame the savage and rough sex is one way to remind them that even though you might act civilized on the outside the monster inside is merely dormant, not gone.

This. Choke her- lightly- spank her, pull her hair, scratch her back

My girl loves to get face fucked, though you’d never know it looking at her

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>you’d never know it looking at her


They don't. Everyone is an individual.

I've found that everyone, male or female, likes having their limits pushed and being, for lack of a better way to phrase, slightly dominated. Everyone likes having their partner give it to them super hard, and having their senses bogarted by the genitals of whichever sex they're into.

Yeah, no. Yes, they seek the biggest and strongest man for that reason. But the rough sex thing is not.

Women have evolved to manipulate men to survive. If she allows you to be rough/painful to her she can then manipulate you easier.


Engage in rough sex that she encourages.

Later: 'You hurt me' (tears).

'How can I make it up to you?'

She can almost ask for anything because you think she's a great woman especially in bed and that you were a bad man that doesn't deserve her.

I concur.

Because reality is the opposite of feminism.
Feminism is an ideology invented by jews to destroy white men's ability to sexually please or controll their women while simultaneously destroying the state by giving political power to people who were never selected by evolution to make decisions of that nature.
Women dont like it.
They are just TOLD they SHOULD like it
And as a result spend their lives sexually unsatisfied and unfilled blaming (as in fairness they should) for not making a world where they are treated as they are supposed to be treated
As fucking womnen.
Women are crafted by evolution to make ONE important decision
And that is because it is arguably THE most important decision
Namely, deciding which men deserve to reproduce (based on their ability to be assertive, aggressive and intelligent, all of which will be sexually attractive to women to one degree or another) and which are not.
Beyond that?
MEN are the one designed to make decisions of commerce politics
Talk with a woman sometime about the things she "believes in" against what the facts objectively say and you will se this logical deficiency made manifest.

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this is the actual answer. Humans evolved to be good at not dying, and one way of doing that is if women are more attracted to men that are less likely to die. Men are less likely to die if they are aggressive and forceful, because it helps in the jungle.

We now don't have to hunt and war like primitive man, but evolution is slow, and we're practically frozen in time from our perspective. For that reason, the vast majority of women want to have aggressive sex with aggressive men.

It's kind of the same as men wanting to have sex with sluts and bimbos. They are very feminine, sometimes ridiculously so when they surgically alter their proportions.

user, most girls do like hard stuff, forced stuff, etc. each like different things, but most loves being tied up, be choked, that sort of things.

why? fuck knows. and I am not saying to choke your girl to oblivion but they do like kinky stuff. and the crazier they are, the more they are into such shit.

they like it when it's controlled and doesn't get out of hand. male energy that can be protective, too.