Can someone find gifs/pics of big horse sheaths

Can someone find gifs/pics of big horse sheaths

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I wanna sniff that so bad. Anyone here has ever smelled one? What is it like?

I haven't but the idea of caressing the shaft and the balls, the image of this huge cock growing bigger and harder in my hands turns me on

I want to take one in my mouth and another in the back but there's no males near my area sadly

Yes, stallion cocks are so beautiful
Requesting pictures

Forget the pictures i want to find one myself, it's like missing an obvious fraud, it hurts when you can only look

Mmmmm, i want to sniff a big smelly smegma covered horse cock

With balls that big they must cum quite a lot, too

Same. I want to feel it pulsating

Probably would end up spewing out of my virgin hole but I'd lick it up, hell if it has any animal sti's i'll pay for a chance to have a ride

Mmmm exactly me too, I wonder if it is similar to human uncut cock scent or is it different... anyone that knows please describe it!

Mmmmm, yes, just imagine that you make it cum alot, without washing his cock for weeks, then put on a condom and make him cum, and keep it on for two weeks

Oozing juicy precum as it does^^

Oh yes ! Can someone photoshop some smegma on this horse cock

Licking it from the source

I'd probably pour the cum into my anal cavity afterwards and be filled with it's majestic sperm

God dammit, stallions are so fucking sexy. If I could take their cocks in my ass without it posing a potential health risk, I so would.

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I want to take a bucket under that beautyfull cock, and make him pee and cum as hell in it, then i want to dip his cock and balls in it, and give him much smegma

ohhh fuuuuck

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Thank you, kind sir
Got moar?

the dream

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TG from some trash people I saw the other day

Huge balls

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Imagine how musky that is~


Here my friend

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Also, any sizes of horse cock that'd fit a virgin/beginner?

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fuck yes

filled with cum

I just love how obediently he pleases these big stallions, like a good bitch :3
Also sorry for the furry stuff, those who don't like it
I wish I had more real life photos

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i'm fine with it

Alright :)
Woah, cute boys playing with each other

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need a horse cock load

Me too

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what's with all these disgusting furrys in our wholesome horsecock thread

Post yours, faggot

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If only that could fit inside an average person without tearing them apart lol

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why not dog though

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Yeah if only, I'm looking for smaller ones for a first time lol

I could handle it but I'm a massive faggot.

Dogs are amazing to! Knots look really nice

Nah to me horses are way better

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The last time I posted dog cock I ate a 30 day ban

I feel like there's a double standard at play here

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Do someone want to see the horse cock edit i made

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bestiality =/= animal genitalia.

I'm gay as hell for horsce cock. I can almost completely take my XL chance, I really want to try the real thing some day.

But the only thing I love more than horsecock is dogcock. I was mounted by a shepherd a couple times in my younger years and have been craving it again ever since.


Could we get details on what doggy sex feels like?

How big was he? Did you feel submissive towards him and what was your turn on in that experience overall?

Fun fact about zebras

Their -average- ejaculate volume is over 1 liter. They cum so much to flood away the sperm from another male when they mate with a female.

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Tfw you'll never be forced into submission by two dominant sentient stallion studs

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Whelp, there goes another animal that can't have sex with me

>tfw your belly will never be bulging with thick warm horse cum

Yeah it's sad, i guess I'll die a virgin then, unless someone has animals in my country

that is pretty good , would have fooled me if i didnt look at the shadow below the tip

A little to big for me, would rip me in two but i love it

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i guess the mod that day hadn't got the memo

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>Yeah it's sad, i guess I'll die a virgin then, unless someone has animals in my country
I was legitimately asking lmao

Finally a good fucking thread

You got that right

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why though? doesn't it seem kinda impossible to do anything with something that size? idk if I understand the kink, I'm not trolling but asking legit mate questions here. Hasnt someone died from trying to take a horse cock?

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Googling zebras mating should get you some video proof if you're keen to see a faucet of thick white slop ooze out of a mares pussy... granted, it's from fat stupid midwesterners at a zoo filming something that their backwater minds have never seen before, so you'll want to mute their mouth breathing meat bellowing.

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You say that like I dont know what i'm doing :^)

Gosh, so beautiful and suckable

You might, but looking at this thread the average IQ might be around room temp. Keep up the good work, champ.

Mr Hands

>room temp
I'd say below that. Most of these people are incapable of using google and have to ask here for people to post stuff.

Seriously, how retarded is that

I want to grab his balls while kissing his sheath until he is hard, then i will make him cum

Where'd that user who fucked a dog go
I wanted to hear his story

You can do it safely with the proper preparations died cause he and his friends didn't do that and tried to get a quickie in then they were too scared to bring him to a hospital.

I'm not sure I understand, talking hand jobs? I'm sure I just missed the joke lol.

Here, do you like it

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bet someone like hot kinky jo can fuck a horse and not die

Well, that's a pretty broad question. This all was about 10 years ago so it's a little tricky for me to go into detail, but asking specific questions helps me recall easier.

To give you the gist of it, it's a very raw and sensual experience. All my sense were in use. The feeling of his fur on my back and paws scratching at my hips and the sensation of his cock growing as it pounded into me, the smell of his dirty fur filling my nose was downright intoxicating, the sound of him panting and the occasional wet slap combined with the jingling sound his dog tags and collar made formed an almost rhythmic tempo that matched the rhythm of his fucking, the taste of his cock i had sucked moments earlier still fresh in my mouth. All these combined together and swirled in my head to form a uniquely canine experience. It also felt way more overpowering than any video could ever make you imagine. The force of him pounding into me was the very definition of animalistic. You ever see a dog run full sprint? The way they practically leap forward, and then arch their back and bring their hind legs forward in the blink of an eye, again and again and again to propel themselves forward at speeds no human could match. Imagine all that bodily force, but stationary and focused solely on propelling as hard and deep into you as he can muster.

He was just shy of 100lbs. 85lbs sounds like a good guesstimate. As for his cock, he wasnt massive but my boy certainly wasnt average. I never measured him but the closest thing I can compare it too is one of bad dragons dogcock dildos, "Rex" in medium size. It was extremely close to that.

He was extremely dominating. Nothing too aggressive, like neck biting, but if I moved around too much he'd snarl a bit or even snap, even if it was to readjust so that he could get a better angle. He preferred I just assume the position and shut up. If I wanted too I could have just pushed him off but he certainly would have put up a fight.

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How do you prep for something like THAT lol. Does the horses age and experience matter?

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You got that right


I like that!

You know those setups to collect semen from the stud? Something like but you get in underneath to replace the collection tube. Basically you just have something sturdy between you and them so they can't fully penetrate you. The horse having experience will make it a better/easier time.

I actually used to work with horses and I know the forces some of those studs put behind those collectors. Some are super gentle and others act like its the last thing they're going to do in life lol.

Heyy!...nice Elon

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Honestly that sounds amazing, i wish i had an animal that would do that to me but alas i do not

thats why that one guy got his insides ripped to shreds

Haha, now I envy you, thanks for sharing!
How long did it last? Did he knot you?