What criminal do you find the most interesting?

what criminal do you find the most interesting?

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seriously didn't think he'd ever get caught

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Joseph Kallinger

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manson. he was more deeply involved in hollywood than they want to admit

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he never killed anybody. although that might be more impressive. convincing people to kill for you.

Rader was a boring faggot. Such a pussy.


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Technically OP didn't say "killer", he said "criminal". In which case Manson still counts.

i'm not discounting what he did. also, i think he was a pretty decent guitar player.

Manson was an annoying little faggot, literally. He blackmailed, & manipulated people, all while desperately trying to get a record deal which when that didn't happen, sent his minions to Terry Melcher's house to commit murder for him. What a pussy.

This guy.

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Albert Fish. Dude wrote a letter to the mother of a girl he killed and ate. Fucked up.

It's a toss-up between Ted Kaczyinsky and Jack Unterweger, since people that high on the psychopathy scale can rarely write, commonly as they can act.

Bundy was the opposite. Rader was a pussy.

that guy was a real jerk

my mom had a run in with son of sam. she spooked him off by screaming.

Jimmy Savile

Do you think it was actually him or just an old man looking to his 15 minutes

Epstein. The world needs to know what kind of blackmail shit he had on everyone on the Illuminati

epstein. i'm seriously interested in getting conformation to his connections.

they have his dna. why would they frame a random old man after four decades?

To close the case and for the DA to get his 15 minutes

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they got his spit from a soda can and matched his dna to the jizz they had in storage. used genealogy databases that's been consistently nailing people now.


Richard Kuklinski. Just finished the Iceman, great fucking read. He was fucked from day one a perfect example of natural intelligence molded into a merciless killer. Claims in the book to have killed 300 or so. He's killed 100 at least by most investigations into his life. Completely parallel lifestyle.
His boss wanted someone dead, like slow death. He went to a cave he visited as a kid which had rats, he broke the guys bones, tied him up and cut him, he then left a stop motion camera and it took about 10 days or so for the guy to be eaten alive by rats. It was one of his fantasies as a child and he actually done it to some cunt. His boss was very happy with the tape

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i never heard of this tape

Read the book, easily done in one night, or watch his hbo specials. The film is terrible and terribly cast. He's up there with the best of them, hes just different somehow. I mean he killed loads of people for no reason, but doesn't have the stigma, he never killed woman or kids I suppose too

I thought it was a regular video camera? Either way that's pretty badass. The criminal who always stuck in my mind is Robert Durst. If you don't know who he is, look him up and watch the documentary. When I first heard about him he gave me tons of David Lynch movie vibes.

Toybox killer. Dude is fascinating


The Texas Eyeball Killer

i'll agree he was scary

richard ramirez freaked me out because of his impulsive audacity

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was manson the ultimate troll?

Manson was a giant shitpost personified.

he was right

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the vatican

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haha dude LSD
legalize it bro

Ultra MmmmmmK

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richard speck and his outlandish prison videos