Does Sup Forums still play Ed Edd N' Eddy Online? Let's do some cul-de-sac quests like old time's sake...

Does Sup Forums still play Ed Edd N' Eddy Online? Let's do some cul-de-sac quests like old time's sake. No Nazzfags allowed.

Password is the usual.

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Ed main reporting.

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bump, we need a competent Double D main if we're gonna be able to do Ed's Sea Ranch. The one that's in the server now is AFK.

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>you have to choose one

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>this one Kevinnigger micspamming
Actually based.

Can I press both?

the absolute madman

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>Incredible Shrinking Day playing now



>your main
>your hours
>your favorite voiceline

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I went Rolf i think his damage is pretty good once you get Wilfred and Victor out and while you're ramping your livestock up you're basically playing support.
Little over 250
Johnny Bird's YEEE HAW
Marie hands fucking down

>this faggot spamming baking power vapor barriers and lagging the server
Fuck off

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This the new finger box I take it? Don't you have better things to do b? It's Sunday, enjoy yourselves

not my fault the devs haven't patched the number of particle effects it creates

There was just a major update for the first time in months, why wouldn't there be a thread?

>makes Eddyfags seethe

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Where can I find this game?

Kevin main here, I’m stuck trying find the handlebar upgrade for the bike, I heard it supposed to be somewhere in Edtropolis but I’ve searched everywhere I can think of in the city, any hints?

What level are you? You have to be at least level 50 I believe to even get the handlebar upgrade option.

Can we kick this Eddyfag spamming lennies in the chat?

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I love how he thinks he's cool all decked out in his Zombie Elvis build even though it's been over a month since Halloween. Dork just wants to show off.

stay seething, poorfags

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50, really? I’m only at 37. Been looking forward to that upgrade for the improved handling.

What's the worst update in Ed Edd N' Eddy Online history?

yo hey guys where can i DL this game looks pretty fun

it based on a rly old cartoon or what?

I got a spare Big Daddy Cruiser in my inventory if you want it. Has similar road handling to the handlebar's upgrade.

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this thread makes me happy

Red, teen titans was my shit

I might consider it, heard they’re prone to falling apart at the worst times though.

This thread's making me nostalgiac. Is it worth to get back into EEnEO in 2019?

damn, Kevin mains are smarter than I thought

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absolutely, especially this time of year. You get a free item when you log in for the Jingle Jangle Update.

I was lucky enough to pull a jawbreaker, but it was one of the old ones. Would have much rather got a newer, upgraded one.

We’re not all dudebros going around spamming “Dorks!” ya know lol.

Are people still whining about the 20% speed increase they gave Double D?

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It's pointing out facts. He didn't need a base speed buff, he's already the strongest support class in the game

It's super fucking broken. You can literally side step most heavy attacks in the meta

I can live without Billy & Mandy, as much as I love it.

Hell yeah, i love that game

the problem with these fake memes is that you retards are being too nice to each other for it to be believable. You need someone to compare it to destiny 2 or something retarded while calling everyone nigger

spoken like someone who's never actually played the game before

I stopped playing after they put armor restrictions on Monster Ed, ruined the class for me.

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or you could just relegate something with potential to the hug box faggotry of the fingerbox

this is how all these online cartoon MMOs go
newfags join, get bootyblasted, complain about builds being OP, and then the devs nerf all the fun

Sewer quests: comfy or spoopy?

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Anybody else lagging horribly?

i can't even get in, do old keys expire after a certain time, or is it just server-side shit?

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who's the dumb nigger that voted for Park N' Flush?

Verify your game files user


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better than the Junkyard

i was getting some earlier

Where do I download this beautiful nostalgia?

underage band

I always thought she was so cute

this, anyone who picks red is a zoomer

comfy unless you're a manchild who gets scared by pixels

I get that the devs are probably short staffed or don’t give a fuck, but every patch seems like more nerfs to ONLY the characters I play. Sheep summoner Rolf main here btw.

>bunch of autistic faggots make a game thats too hard to find without invite
>wonder why they act like autistic faggots

think for a second before you speak nigger

I also choose both

Bro, this looks fire. Where can I get it?

>mfw new update and they still haven't fixed kevin's bike randomly breaking during raids
meanwhile they increase the aoe damage on rolf's goats

and people still play this stupid ass game

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Hell I need to find my old finger box...

>green, I win THA dwel

lol fuck you. I really wanted this to be real

>not using fake jaw breaker cap exploit to keep movement speed while dismounted

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go post your faggot ass finger shit somewhere else homo

It's time to go home, Sup Forumsros

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Any1 that picks red squeaks like a bicht nigger

Like any1 that presses red is a crackheadsucker gayfaggipsy

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