What is this?

What is this?

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amphetamine from teva pharma so eat it

From who? What will it do? My mother gave me a few


dude its amphetamine go search it up is you wanna get high take it but if not just lie to jer and say you ate it

They'll jack you up. Tweekin' USA

nice one was about to link it

I asked a friend on snapchat she said snort it. I checked the link dextroamphetamine is that dxm? Also been drinking

take it report back in an hour user it'll be fun.

Holy fuck do you not know how to Google... Christ. And no that's not dxm

aka adderall

I don't do pills faggot I barely take tylenol. And what do I Google?

eehhhh what ever dude let him get high also masturbate user it feels amazing when on stimulants you last for ever

the color of the pill and the imprint aka the letters and numbers on the pill

the drug user has entered the thread

Wow how fucking retarded are you...

Did line 10 mins ago. Still haven't finished the 1st one but I'm feeling pretty good. How do I get a prescription for this for scientific purposes..

Or the person with common sense?

How fucking retarded are you kids...

dextroamphetamine is chemically identical to meth. You will be wired af

nice one user come one tell me the feeling havent done stims in a long time and have gone clean

wow user you know drug users know their shit while first timers are retards for everything.

I've had hydrocodine I think when I fractured my wrist that was 10 years ago. Sorry if I made people mad I didn't know you can look up the numbers on the pill

user hydrocodeine is ok not super strong or anythinh just dont develop an eddiction and your sorted.

meth is methamphetamine. dextroamphetamine is amphetamine. just the d-isomer, instead of racemic mix. so it has no levoamphetamine
tldr it’s the good stuff, 30-50mg should do it. don’t bother snorting pills they have fuckload of filler

No worries user . I only drink but this is tempting, cleaning atm I misplaced the baggie with the others gotta find

yes mainly lactose powder

grind it into a powder and snort it
i do that all the time
the hit is nice

Reccomend something better? And how I can get my gp to give me a script?

lactose or something else inactive that jut clogs your nose when snorted. if snorting pills isn’t stupid enough there’s always injecting

don’t bother. just eat 6-10

yes lactose powder made

i was thinking about doing LSD again your thoughts?

do it. lsd is great. take enough that doubling the dose doesn’t increase effects other than duration.

last time i watched black mirror while on it and i ended up getting massive personality changes

watch “salò” instead. 120 days of sodom. good times :)

Looks like a fuckin bluechew (mail order dick pill)

nah dude i watched it looks exactly like a fucking black mirror episode minus the tech nooooooooo i have PTSD user i cant go back to black mirror

Instead of posting here you retard could have just googled the fucking number on the pill.
It's adderal take it and have fun faggot

Google "b971" and click the first link you absolute retard.

Again cocksmoker I had no idea . So thank you go back to your cartoon porn