Tonight my girlfriend will have her first BBC

Tonight my girlfriend will have her first BBC.

Any recommendation?
>pic related

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How does it feel being a degenerate cuck?

HIV usually follows BBC

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ass pics?

Let the nigger beat her half to death then you can both rape her then kill her and yourself for being a pathetic cuck.

Feels cool



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Show tits

Her tits

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How did she convinced you cuck ?

she has fulfilled my philias, so i have to

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Any asshole pics please

Wants so see her face user

I dont have close up pics

Why not

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Your what?

Make sure she knows you’re there if she needs any help, and have a safe word. Just had my gf take her first last week.

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What? I dont get your question

Safe word, thats good, thanks

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What the fuck is philias

Don’t do it!!!
-Personal Experience

Let him learn the hard way

You know what, if y’all are going to do it anyway let him cum in her.
You might as well

Cucks are so fucking weird

weird kinky stuff she make for me

Hell yes, i will

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That doesn't explain what it is

Let's see her pussy before it gets wrecked

I have to make a before/after pic of that lol


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Can you post this pic uncensored?


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any bj pics, or ones where she is covered in cum?

Let me guess, you fetishes were things like anal, pissing, fisting, bdsm or w/e and one of her first ones is to take the cock of another man. Why not a fcking strapon?

Im not sure if post that user, sorry

Are you a conservative or a liberal?

Im getting off to her now OP.
Let's see more of her smile and pussy in same pic.
More tits too. I wish I could join in on fucking her

Post more nude pics I'm diamonds for her

so getting a bbc was her idea and not yours, were you into blacked before this?

Yeah big recommendation for you: kill yourself you degenerate faggot. Also kill the nigger and the whore.

Show us her pussy

I hope you worship her feet while he fucks the shit out of her