Shes a Mexican maid Living in USA. Shes illegal AND my neighbors hide her, shes His personal pet...

Shes a Mexican maid Living in USA. Shes illegal AND my neighbors hide her, shes His personal pet. What do you think about her?

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she missed a spot

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what kind of faggot is not hiding an illegal mexican maid in their bathroom?

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The same kind of faggot that doesn't blackmail his neighbor into sharing.

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She's cute. You should report her and your neighbors to ICE.

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Kinda sounds like slavery. Is she happy or abused and mistreated? The pics suggest happy but that can be misleading.

Also, how do I get one of my own?


She is happy, lives well, takes her to good places, buys her clothes. but if he mistreats her, and forces her to have sex so as not to deport her

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Considering her options back home were to be a farmer's wife and pump out a dozen or so kids or end up a prostitute in mexico city (or a drug mule)
I imagine she's pretty happy with an arrangement where she gets to live a westernized life and all she's gotta do for it is do what she would've had to have done for any man down in Mexico

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You can go to poor areas of Mexico or find a desperate woman who lives here. I know another one called Cecilia is from Oaxaca

What happens when your friend gets tired of her? How many bodies are buried out back?

He will leave her and someone else will take her

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So the dude’s a rapist. Call the police or you’re a piece of shit.

yeah no that's not rape
you're a retarded reactionary virtue signaling faggot though

If she’s happy, leave her to her own life. If she isn’t happy about the arrangement, help her? It’s a no-brainer.

Forcing a woman to have sex is rape.

No it's not you stupid fucking faggot. Learn how the world works.

Sneaking in and being here illegally is breaking the law. She trades coochie for staying here. Fair trade. No harm, no foul.

yeah physically forcing
there is no other kind of force with coercion you can walk away and make him look bad
she chose not to because she probably wanted to fuck him anyway
get over yourself faggot

keep her in poor conditions, make her fully dependent on you. fuck her hard and brutally until she's pregnant. keep fucking her and get her addicted to coke so she is even more dependent on you, and her drug use harms her unborn baby. just BEFORE the baby's born, report her to ICE (get her deported, and preventing anchor baby).

bonus points: take photos/video of you smashing that pussy while she's pregnant. wait til her kid grows up to a teenager and then send them footage of their coke-addicted mother getting ploughed by her american master

Heyy!...nice Elon

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Lol. Found the retard

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Suck the bean juice from her culo

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I’ve seen you post her before. Any nudes?

It's all a larp, it's just some spic he's crushing on that he found on facebook

Not that it sounds unreasonable, but how do you *know* he's banging her? I imagine it's because of the outward appearance of the arrangement.

Aw... wish he had posted pics of Horseteeth instead.

One day she will get her passport, you stupid moron

How - do they magically appear in the mail one day?

her Mexican passport.

And then she still won't have a visa or green card.


>doing this to your babby and her mom

He has a nice pet.