Hey B how do I convince my fat ass of a girlfriend to go to the gym? Also ass thread

Hey B how do I convince my fat ass of a girlfriend to go to the gym? Also ass thread

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Just break up with her, all fat girls are human time bombs. Even if she gets thin, all she needs is one minor crisis in her life to let it all go again and she will get FATTER than before.
No more fatties for me.
Only Peloton Girls

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This is not a viable scenario. Find a new gf at your gym.

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Get caught looking a skinny girls, especially when she's talking to you.

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I only feel you can say something, if you in turn take care of your body.

If you exercise, then i would go about it like;
i not only work out for myself, to feel good about myself.
But also for you. Because i respect you, and want you to be attracted to me.

Lately i've seen you pack on a few pounds,
and it has me worried you are either struggeling with something,
or are no longer engaged in me.

I would really appreciate it if you'dd go to the gym with me to do something about your weight.

So, dear, have some self respect and get of the damn couch before i pimp hand bitchslap the taste out of your whale mouth,
and get to having a tight fuckable ass.

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My fat GF caught me gawking at skinny model in Victorias Secret window. She asked me if I thought she was sexy I said hell yes. Women sometimes need a bit of a thump like that to get back into reality, mentally.

start working out then she'll follow

Make it a couples activity because chances are you're a fucking fat pig too

You shouldn't have to convince her if she refuses to be active enough to live a healthy lifestyle you shouldn't date her

Start yourself, tell her how your getting into health and fitness, don't ask her to join, she might possibly be interested on her own, don't pressure her unless your concerned about her health, maybe tell her ya want to be a fitness couple, I don't really care enough to put more thought into this

It’s this kind of garbage thinking thats rotting western civilization from the inside out.
“Hurrrrr well if she does x, then I also have to be able to do x”

No, idiot. Men dont hold themselves to the standards of women, just like women don’t hold themselves to the standards of men. As a man, the world (your partners, your family, your friends, your boss) expect more of you than they ever will of her. Your job (and what keeps her acting right and fucking you eagerly) is to make money, make difficult decisions, be skilled and competent, be charismatic and outgoing, open doors to cool experiences, etc. Waaay the fuck down that list is you taking care of your appearance.

Not to say that you shouldn’t make an effort to stay in shape, but a woman in a relationship has 3 jobs:
1) Stay looking sexy
2) Be fun and pleasant to be around
3) Don’t be a whore

By fucking up number one, she’s shirking a full 1/3 of what you expect from her and why you’re dating her. She’s going from an A+ girlfriend to a D.

Tell her in plain terms that she’s been letting her appearance slip, and that you aren’t satisfied with it. Do not lower yourself to arguing with her or justifying yourself to her if she challenges you, and NEVER outline what the consequences will be if she doesn’t follow through.

I didn’t write all of this shit for no reason.

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My wife is 260+ pounds and "tries" to lose weight, but ultimately still eats like a pig. She wasn't healthy when we got together by any means, but she was at least trying to get more active and eat better for her own sake. Now I can hardly look at her in a loving way, she's not the woman that I used to know and I want her back

>she's not the woman that I used to know and I want her back

This is why the modern institution of marriage is a big mistake. Because every married man ends up feeling this way, for one reason or another.

You’re trading a permanent and appreciable asset (your wealth and value as a man) for a temporary and rapidly depreciating asset (her value as a woman, which is mostly linked to her beauty). It was fine in the past when marriage was stabilized and permanent, but now it’s a contractual arrangement that results in you losing half your shit if either of the parties decide to opt out.

Tell your wife very seriously and plainly what you expect from her, and if she doesn’t follow through, divorce her. You only have one life to live. You don’t get your time back.


Reminder: the women posted here are real people


Whoop, sorry to say i did it for no reason though.

Go forth and be strong Sup Forumsrother

First, you have to start going without her.

It's not the beauty that matters to me, it's the fact that her personality changed with the weight. She's lazy, stubborn, sleeps all the time, cranky, depressed and always thinking about food. I just want my friend back

Who is that !!

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Who is she ?

I would add that a good women is also help you with emotional troubles. It's a give take. We men suck ass at that shit, but we're(/should be) good at physical, confrontations, decision making. She takes these things and also gives what she's good at. Together you theoretically should vibe (not be 100% the same) and make each other stronger.

Fuck your fat gf nigger.
How do I convince myself to go to the gym when I'm a 40 year old virgin?

her already disinterest means that she is anticipating the relationship’s closure

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express your problems to her. Confront the fat cow.
Obviously with tackt. Go listen to Jocko if you don't know wtf I'm talking about

>unspoken bond
keep whatever size we met at
>always have sex when staying in a hotel
the unspoken contract

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Omg dat ass doe

I can only agree with you tangentially. Women are “good” at helping men through emotional troubles because deep down every man knows that women despise weakness. Show sustained weakness by letting your emotional troubles fester by not solving them yourself, and your woman will disappear faster than you can blink. This is compounded by the fact that women have a million different male options in front of them at any given moment via the internet and social media. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I can find even a shred of truth in your statement.

>not being the figurehead of your household and leading by example, like a good western man
Fucking nuMales wonder why they’re such losers

Sounds like your wife is depressed. Post pics so we know how fat

I'm just now realizing that I haven't taken any pictures with her in it in a pretty long time

Yeah, I feel for you, bro. Good luck with this one. It’s ridiculously easy to pack on the pounds in our society, yet a daunting Herculean task to try to lose them again. Odds are that unless she’s got a real medical reason for following a strict, long-term diet, exercise & healthy lifestyle program, any weight-loss or fitness efforts will more likely be short-term, and the weight is probably just going to continue to increase year over year.

I agree.
Let me specify my point: I'm not saying go to your woman and weep about your problems. I mean that a good woman is there supporting you emotionally without you necessarily having to talk to her about it. Woman are structured in such a way that they pick these ques far better than a man (you seem to know this already) hence why they can pick up "weakness" easily. Most of the time they aren't even aware that they are, they just get a "vibe"

Now I understand why you feel the way you do.
I want to ask you something you might not have thought of. Have you asked yourself what you can do to make your situation better? Have you asked your self how you can improve.
You are the man, and should be a leader in your own right. Take charge of yourself brother.

this is actually good advice. she's only going to get fatter if you marry her.

join the gym yourself and find a skinny girl. and dump the fat ass.

Tell her you'll leave her if you dont. My gf of 6 years straight up gained like 60 fucking pounds and got fat as shit. I wanted to leave but were highschool sweethearts and she is very loyal so I stuck around. Told her how I felt, and that even though I loved her I wasnt going to allow her to ruin herself. Took her about a year and a half but she lost all the weight and has kept it off for about 2 years. Now all I do is help her with her diet or call her out if shes eating shit.

Had to edit and decompress a pretty old pic of her but there you go, also she had gained like 40 pounds since then

And I take care of myself fairly well, I eat well and am a healthy bmi, I try to move around and run when it's not winter. When it comes to taking care of myself and my appearance I try a decent bit, I wouldn't be caught dead outside the house looking like a bum.

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This is true. My wife worked out before I met her. I never said anything about it but she at one point told me she knew I would leave her if she got fat. I told her I would not be happy if she got fat. I think you owe it to your partner to look as good as you can. Nothing against fat people. Lots of my family is overweight and happily married. I just think it is not honest when after marriage one let's themselves go to shit. Inb4 but kids, wife raised ,2.

good shit user. Don't forget about mental health as well.

I'd suggest talk to her about it.

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Only thing she was trying was to "get a ring on that finger".

Sounds like depression . Have her go talk to someone .

Yeah mental health isn't very good, but I try. I also try not to look and act as depressed as I constantly am

you had a kid with your fat gf? you're fucked.

She's on antidepressants and talks with a mental health worker every couple weeks and is very open about her mental health


Not our kid, was just sitting for someone and went to the park

Some Russian cutie from a decade ago.

Some old and unattractive lady.

>Not our kid
>my wife's son

Show her she'll end up like this

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It's not a hurculean task to lose weight. It's not a mystery. Fat people don't need to be educated , they really do know why they are fat. It's pure lazyness and addiction to eating. Look how much soda is sold here. Pure sugar water. Learn to cook. You really can make healthy meals easily . Learn portion control. No sugar drinks. Gatorade does not make you an athlete, it makes you fat. You really don't need to exercise to lose weight. It's all about calories in.

mental health issues is a life long deal. either commit or bail now. trust me I know. wasted 15 years on my depressed high school sweet heart. had to leaver her. too much drama. live your life. u can't fix hers.

this! It pisses me off how defensive people get when you tell them that its not complicated.

the depression AND the anti-depressants are probably a big part of her weight gain, unfortunately all that is usually a cycle of shame that keeps feeding itself
start going on walks with her, cooking meals if she usually cooks unhealthy shit, etc.

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Damn. Baby carriage. Yours? This gets tricky

This. Fatties don’t have any fucking motivation. When shit goes wrong for me, I go hard in the gym. When shit goes wrong for a fatty, they stuff their fucking face.

You think cooking will help? She'll eat like twice as much as me and then top it off with a fuck ton of cheese then have 2 more snacks in the evening.

And I don't think the antidepressants are causing the weight, I think it's the roughly 3500+ calories a day

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Not ours thankfully

more moreeeeeeee

Two hikes a week (at least).

It's barely any effort, you can do it together, and within a couple months you'll both be noticably healthier.

Sex might be better too

1) Look at yourself in the mirror
2) Say: “Wow I am a disgusting fat pig”
3) Look at a bodybuilder
4) Say: “Wow that can be me”
5) Fuck off to the gym you pathetic lard silo

Good. Exercise is great for mental health. Try and get her moving . Take some gay ass walks around the hood. Also eating crap food really is bad for your mental health . Just the sugar spikes and dips will fuck with you. Try cooking healthy food for her. Worse case , nothing works, you divorce, but now are a good cook. Fucking cooking nice meals used to get me laid Everytime back when I was single.


Damn, she looks like my ex-girlfriend's daughter when she was 16. I saw her naked from behind like that once. I didn't want to scare her, so I gawked for a minute, and slowly backed away. I mentioned it to her mom, and her mom said "she has a cute ass, huh? I wish mine still looked like that." My ex was cool that way, too bad she turned out to be a cheating slut.
> I think that's Tawney Stone (who looked like my ex-girlfriend's daughter back then).

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It’s cause these mongs expect immediate results and aren’t willing to put in work.

Going to the gym is my therapy. Put on headphones , lift some weight, do some light cardio where I can zone out and think about shit.

I have a better idea. How about you keep fucking complaining about it? Fuck you. I started out sympathetic but then I saw all of your responses to all these anons trying to help you out our suggest shit.

How about taking some fucking responsibility you fat fuck (you, not your wife). You're physically fit? Nah, you're fat as fuck mentally. She's YOUR goddamn wife. GTFO out of here if all you're going to do is bitch and whine.

-I hope the best for you in your future, eat shit and die.

I have a better idea. How about you keep fucking complaining about it? Fuck you. I started out sympathetic but then I saw all of your responses to all these anons trying to help you out our suggest shit.

How about taking some fucking responsibility you fat fuck (you, not your wife). You're physically fit? Nah, you're fat as fuck mentally. She's YOUR goddamn wife. GTFO out of here if all you're going to do is bitch and whine.

-I hope the best for you in your future, eat shit and die.

Just eat a couple lower calorie meals a day and be done with it, hate all the fad diets and tips and tricks to lose weight fast garbage

Didn't mean to turn down anyone's suggestions, it's just makes me frustrated when I've done that stuff and it didn't work.

Ok. Start with a big salad. Light dressing. Put only low fat veggies in it. She can eat as much as she wants. Main course small to med portion of lean protein. I eat tons of chicken. Can be cooked and flavored with hundreds of different low calorie spices. Steam some veggies for the side. Or cook in light oil. My wife used to make asperagas cooked in cocunut oil. But none of this will work if she doesn't want it. You can't force her. She will stay fat, be hungry, resent you. You really need to figure out if she is for you. She needs to figure out who she wants to be and if it's lazy fatgirl, it's on you if you stay

follow lots of fitness thots on Instagram & youtube and make sure she finds out

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show us your gf's ass

She's very picky with meat, like nothing that isn't deep fried or she'll just buy herself supper picky. Any suggestions on what could replace meat there?

Last resort. Go to marriage counseling or have an honest talk with her that you will leave if she doesn't get healthy mentally and physically.

I'd let that ass drop a turd on my forehead if I could fuck it after

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That hambeast is going to go straight for the cheese, ranch and croutons and he's not going to do shit about it until he complains on Sup Forums later

Thanks for this actually, I need to start taking charge and putting my foot down when she does that.

Fucked a chick high on coke once. She shit and pissed all over my chest when she had an orgasm and then shoved her fist in her pussy. Fucking craziest shit I've even seen.


Not if you're gonna just fry it. You can try oven baked stuff . It's not the meat part that makes fried food unhealthy. It sounds like she doesn't want to get healthy. It could be lost cause user. You have some choices to make. If she wants to be a fat lazy pig, she's not the one for you. Bitches are a dime a dozen . Move on. Be happy.

kek what a fucking faggot

Is that what you want with your life? A fucking grown ass child that you must follow around and scold all day. It won't work. She will resent you, you will resent her. It won't work unless she wants to make the change herself. I'm leaving you user. if she won't change, get out before she traps you with a kid.

Goddamn thats amazing


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