Land whale thread post your slam pigs

Land whale thread post your slam pigs

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Using the shower to play with her pussy

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Kik bonzoan for more of this cutie

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Looks like she liked to swallow

She didn't but she liked getting jizzed on her face and tits

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Woulnt give her a choice she will drink it and she would like it. What you think of the shower land whale?

Idk why but this is so hot. Love watching fatties pull on their fat in order to reach their cunt to play with it lol especially in the shower!

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Same this yours? Love seeing them struggles watching the water hit there cunt wanting to cum.

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Who wants a free ride?

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Mines the first little slut in the shower. Made her take these this morning


kik me

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Honest question, if some disgusting fat retarded woman sent you this how could you even restrain yourself? How could you not call her or on her lack of basic hygiene? This is literally repulsive.
I've been with fat chick's and never seen this amount of filth. I couldn't help but call her out on her bullshit.