Walk in

walk in
see this
what do?

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leave the mazda miata meetup

Walk the fuck out

Turn 360° and walk out

Take 3 steps back for the momentum, then running kick

Solid kick in the brown eye assuming of course I have my square toes on

Suck it

shit up into balls

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Put on my soccer cleats and start stomping while making fifa noises

Running baseball slide feet first into the nards

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sit down on the penis

Make as though I were going to unbuckle my trousers & engage, but carefully line foot up in order to unleash a mighty backwards kick, and crush that pissweak cock between the heel of my boot & the stall divider with devastating force.

What's the story of this image again?


Strip down, enter the next stall, do the same thing.

kick it as much i can

Inform the HR that this is improper behaviour

>mazda miata
Kek. And underrated

I'll just go home and poop.


Sue the company for giving me PTSD

this is how moot was made.

kick the balls, and then stick a shotgun up the ass and pull the fucking trigger

Use alcohol and zippo

why no love for the good ol shotgun?

but user if you turn 360° you would face the same direction retard


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preferably with a shotgun

Stomp down on the cock with full force, hopefully destroying the blood vessels in the shaft & rendering it thoroughly useless for a long time.

get my golf clubs

I was a young lad like you, once

I carry scissors, waiting for this day.

Kneel and suck it as any good man would do then start to finger the hole and invite him home

This is the only right answer

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this seems a reasonable approach

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....says the user who's been obviously looking at 'Raging Stallion Studios'.

...says the user who dose not know how the internet works