What games would you rock on this bad boy

What games would you rock on this bad boy

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pac man

Elite Frontier

The original Syndicate, Ancient Empires, and Sim City 2000

pong would be awesome with that puppy


oregon trail


Lemmings, Wing Commander, Dragonstrike, Ultima VII, The Island of Dr. Brain....

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sierra_Entertainment_video_games up to about 1993....

Ultima IV through VI.
Can't run VII or later on that thing.

>would you
*used to
688 Attack Sub
Space Quest
King's Quest
Leisure Suit Larry
Turbo Outrun
Sim City (original)
Wing Commander
Monkey Island
some Corvette game
Star Trek

I had a lot of fucking games for that thing.

>Ultima VII
No way in hell you're running that on a 386, bruh.

Dune and Dune 2 (the original RTS game before they made C&C - same devs)

I ran 7 of a 386 np.
386x33 with a math coprocessor and a 1g HD. Also had a CD burrner (shit was expensive as fuuuuuuuck back then).
You could do whatever with a boot disk. DOS was awesome.

Sierra games, probably some others released through Atari for PC. probably couldn't play my nigga GATO cause I think that's an sx chipset and GATO's time clock was synced to the processor clock and optimized for the dx

I remember having to upgrade to a 486 because of that piece of hogshit Extended Memory Manager.

Dude...I played everything up to and including quake on a 386x33 with 48mb ram until we got a p75 right around when quake 1 came out.

well if you had a 386sx they were useless. We had a 386dx33 with a math coproceesor installed (which was like another $250) cause my dad needed that for AutoCAD.
You could do a lot with that machine in its day.

How could I forget Wolfenstein?



I honestly don't remember, but it might have been an SX.
All of it was amazing upgrades compared to playing Ultima 1-3 on a Commodore 64, though.

Ultima I with a joystick was fun

>could do a lot with that machine in its day
The software was soooo much cleaner back then. They don't even give a fuck now, with the weebs buying new "battlestations" and video cards just to burn money.

Oh shit the legends rolling out. Kids today dont know true gaming.

Yes yes! I loved DOS. I miss those days.

>Kids today
Kids today ruined FPS because they don't know how to use a mouse and keyboard. Stupid joystick flunkies.


I can play the original leasure suit Larry in normal, and I managed to play the Remake with the turbo button on.

I also had a green cd called '2000 super arcade games'. The thing was PACKED full of shareware and demos that kept me busy most of my younger years. I wish I still had that fucker.

Seriously. Quake is the example I always give. The wrote the engine in C++ and the keyboard handler in Assembler so that the controls responded faster than the game. I fucking dare someone to do that shit now. DARE THEM.

Help me out fags.
I remember the 8086-286-386-486 progression pretty well. What was after that? Was it Pentium? I remember something about P3, P4, etc. I didn't really fuck with PCs between the 486 and the Athlon K6.

Probably was. The 386dx I had was faster than 486sx machines. People got newer 486sx machines years after ours and they couldn't run newer games.
It's likely the equivalent of if you bought a celeron vs a pentium.
PLUS that thing had a math coprocessor which was the extra floating point that was added to the 486 dx only. So it was probably running on par with a 486 dx 33. That and a really good HD and you have a good machine.

>be this guy
>literally jerk off to math coprocessors

8088, 8086, 286, 386sx/386dx, 486sx/486dx, Celeron/Pentium, Pentium Pro is in here, Celeron II/Pentium II (these looked like a nintento cart), Itanium and Xeon's started up with Celeron 3/Pentium 3...etc....


I forgot all about that thing.

When you're plopping down $2800 for a home-office machine (no monitor, no kb) so that you can type book reports and play games in 256 colors, you pay attention to this shit.

Remember these thick-ass bastards back in the 80s?

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duke nukem
etc etc

Celeron is a quake player too.

I still have my receipts from a commodore64, atari2600, Pentium166hz computer, celeron and some others.

The comp was $2000 (no monitor or burner or anything)

Gods yes, but also:
Outpost (despite the end-game bugs)
Commander Keen

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Sierra master race reporting in.