Anyone who isn't famous is an NPC

Anyone who isn't famous is an NPC.

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ok boomer

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I looked at it more like we are in WoW. We do all the work and you run in and beat the Lich King. We exist to further the goals of the rich and "powerful"

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we exist to eat the celebrities the second they let their guards down, user.

Why can't NPCs be famous? If they are indeed simple and naturally follow orders, if you are a non-NPC that aspires to control others, why wouldn't you use NPCs as puppets?

I thought the NPC dialog was gonna be better than this

Anyone who wasnt raised in a small village is an npc.

Anyone who wasnt raised in an NPC village is a small village.

Welcome to Sup Forums. You'll get used to the disappointment.

My village was burned down, still waiting on my grand adventure to begin.

you still haven't chosen your gender or race retard

can someone explain? is this a shitty movie or something?

Oh, fuck.

bet u regret installing the LGBTQPRSVHIEH*Q&ΒΌ+ mod now huh

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not really, it made me longer and harder. stamina is still a problem.

I pick questgiver in an endgame area.
Cozy, not too much work most of the time, good pay.

Keep quiet, if the wrong people get this idea, it will be a mandatory feature or the game cannot be released by law. 25% of the budget has then to be spend on writing an deep learning algorithm to figure out the correct pronouns.

theyre already trying to force it onto the new players ever since the Trump DLC dropped.

>Trump DLC
Wasn't that the one that felt like Fallout 2 with INT at 1?

no thats just you normally

You fucking bet I do, only upside is that there is more to jack off to.

>not just sub-classing chad the rapist

sauce of pic? looks like ellen page but i've never seen her with goth makeup on. maybe just the lighting tho

nvm i found it. Movie called Mouth to Mouth if anyone else cares