I'm asking out the Walmart QT chick tomorrow wish me luck/b

I'm asking out the Walmart QT chick tomorrow wish me luck/b

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I'd toss her salad

I would too

shitpasta kill yourself fatass

You should also toss her a salad too, bitch can lose a few pounds.

Would love to smell her feet after a long shift.

more pics

I wish, I could only find her work pics. Tried searching for more but she seems private

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good luck m8

thanks user

enjoy raising her mulattos

lol is she 40

Virgin detected

She's 24

She's white you tard

ainĀ“t that a bit fat?!?

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good luck, nudes later plz?

Damn , that ass

Damn you must be a ugly sob

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I need more

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keep going

She looks gross

Why the fuck you post her face on here you both are gonna get raped

She's married.

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Nips look like skid marks. No thanks.

That's always the worst. When a bitch looks better in clothes then nude.

I know, just thought it was funny somtle girl made a subreddit of nude Walmart pics but it was just her.

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All I got

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She's cute. Good luck, user

gl op