On/off thread

On/off thread

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Search on Google images post first result "milf selfie nude before and after"

I don't get it?

Post the first pic, testinh to see if it's just me or if mine really us first

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Context plz for that pic lol

Got a lap dance from her last night no joke

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ugh, tshirt ruins it

Yours is the top?

Crazy she is


naked bike ride -although she decided to run

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Yeah I don’t like it but she’s a great stripper lol

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Well I mean she's probably right. He at least wasn't white

It's almost as if women were best seen and not heard.

Try searching that pic on Yandex maybe

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I dont really give a shit about jesus. If her shirt said jesus was white and awesome my reaction would have been exactly the same.

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Hot as fuck

nice. got any more?

she cute

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