Femboy/trap thread

Femboy/trap thread
Here is a pic of my butthole~

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how sensitive is your boihole

very pretty, thanks

I cum easily when I finger myself so I'd say really sensitive

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nice peen


Yus uwu

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Thx uwu

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Dude thats disgusting


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She's such a precious little thing.

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wow very cute bum


someone has goose bumps

Another pic of my butt

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sorry it's chilly

sit on my face please


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Nice panties

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Who's this cutie

/ourcrustgirl/ ruff

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Where can I find more of him?

YO is that my girl Kallen?

Hey you're that qt from last night. Natsuki or simething

Oh shit I’ve been discovered!

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Anyone got mega trap collections?
Am looking for Jes.

He got a snap or kik? Woof

Who dis?

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Nohtty on twitter

Thank you friend

Can you guys tell about your first anal experience pls

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Toy/item or dick?

Either or both, the most interesting you have

for the love of everything holy, i need more.

That looks like something I'd wanna use all night long

Oh I guuuuess I could post some more

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been trying to find this vid but I dont know who they are

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He's got twitter and cb he doesn't use much. tw iamruffwaggums and ruffwaggums on cb

The top goes by cbunny and the bottom is sour_tranny

No offence here ok but the glasses (in my opinion) don't make you look passable

dis gon be gud. im fucking diamonds already.

Mmm Kallen best girl, I'm a big fan

First time I used my butthole I was a little too optimistic with how much my (at that time) underage hole could handle.

I took a plastic toilet brush that was kinda big up into my asshole whereafter I started to panic when my virgin butthole started bleeding.

So I sat there in a public restroom, sucking the bloody handle of the toilet brush off to leave no evidence.

Never used a public toilet for masturbating after that


They only cam together on sour's account and every time they started fucking they went to a group show right away

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This kind of story is teerifying.
What about your first time with a cock?

Still never had cock, I would take any dick coming my way without hesitation rn

Why would you do your first time in a public bathroom with some disgusting ass toilet brush?

Post butthole

I'm OP

Was like 13 at the time, being horny made me borderline retarded

Got anymore pics? Your dick and ass are cute as fuck

I mean, I need them to see, not to look cute.

Ask and you shall receive

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God I want to bust a hot load on your big tits and horny little bimbo face

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I hope you've learned from your mistakes.
You want to still use public bathrooms for sex?

can i see your feet?

So cute. Would love to see that dick cumming during a nice pounding. Show that ass now

Would be exciting and fun~
As long as the toilet brush stays far away >->

keep em coming

I'd use plenty of lube to be sure you won't bleed, don't worry.

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Old random pic I have,
I like showing off my dick more

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Cute butt. Have any with your dick and butt?

So thoughtful~ I would enjoy you telling me in depth what you would do to me uwu

Your butthole looks incredibly gay, try to find the most attractive man you can to plow you so i have a better standard of females settling for me.

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I don't have any with them at the same time sry :V
Here is a pic that ppl on discord seem to enjoy of my butt though

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How about instead of me telling you, we just meet up and I show you?

Sexy af. Would pound you so hard. Anymore cute peen pics?

You look excited to be a cute little submissive cocksucker. Got any full body pics sweetheart?

Deal~ where are you though and lemme see ur pp! I posted my kik on this thread so just pm me

Yah I have a few more full body one

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Here is me showing off what people wanted me to write on myself
Does that count as a peen pic?~

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You got a kik or discord?

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A little farther south if you please.

Attagirl. And those lips don't stop asking for it, do they?

Yea qt. Keep posting em. That dick looks perfect for frotting

Yah I got discord Kallen kouhai#8727

Add my kik and I'll send u stuff and sext/erp with u there! I posted my kik at the top of the thread somewhere

That ahegao shirt holy fuck. Wanna fuck your hole raw on the counter just looking at it.

You look nice in a skirt. Good for reminding you of your feminized state too. ;)

Kallen you got any cumshots or cum pics?