*EPIC* fails thread!!

*EPIC* fails thread!!

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Idiot. You can't do that without an arrow!

fail cats... !

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What is he studying? Cornytology?

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I got you bro

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da world may never kno!

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i am confusion..

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anyone lurking?

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gues I'll stop dumping then


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le epic


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ladies and gentlemen we gottem

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Hmmmm...who think was him...?!

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This is currently the best thread on Sup Forums and it's meant to be ironically bad.

That's saying something.

Pool's open

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shreck hitler

you're ruining it

What am I lookin at?
Did the worker fall trough that hole?

My life.

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Thats fucked up.

it looks like some shit kid jumped over the barrier and fell through after briefly trying to stop himself

kind of a sad story actually. kid was goofing off in front of his girlfriend, didnt realize that the awning there was basically cardboard, and fell through it instantly after hoping the guard rail. he fell 3 floors, died.

Damn... you know that fucked her shit up. Anyone got a article or something? A name?

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