Post pictures of huge dicks

Post pictures of huge dicks

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Stop it. I said "nah."

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That is some serious wood. Nice keyboard as well.

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Wish I could watch one of these giant cocks fuck my gf.

I'm on the low end of average, and she deserves a huge fat dick.

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you like 6" ?

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My favorite in this thread


that sucks man. heres mine

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only the back is shopped

love this

Love to see my gf try to get her mouth around that

Hahah drumpf is finished now

Bumping for boners

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Nice. I bet she'd love it

Watched a big fat 10" super dick penetrate my ex girlfriend. She was straddling him and I grabbed his cock, out it in position, and then directed her down onto it. I could see the shivers running up her spine. It was so fucking hot.

He fucked her stupid, eventually she just rolled off the bed and laid on the floor like she was dead. Then I got on top of him and he fucked me stupid.

Really nice guy, we are still friends. One of the few open bi guys I know that actually practice their bisexuality

My wife would love to suck that cock. She don't suck mine becuase im cut.

God damnit I love huge cocks

Had sex with my girlfriend the other day as she looked at pictures of giant cocks like these. It was awesome

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why is the pee hole so high up

like a hot dog in a hallway desu

Thread has gone limp

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Dumbass juiceworld died of a seizure LMAO what a lame ass way to die. if he died of a drive by shooting or drug overdose he would've been okay but the dumbass died by a seizure what a fucking nerd haha what a pussy.. what kind of name is juicewrld nigga can't even spell

It has an upward curve, so the head is pointing more towards us that the direction of the rest of the cock.

dammit there was a bwc thread but I missed it, I guess this one will suffice




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probably drug related

jesus that thing looks painful

Anybody wanna drop their Kik and stroke their huge dick to my tattooed gf?

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Heres me

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