The svastika has been destroyed Sup Forums

The svastika has been destroyed Sup Forums
we must repair it,0

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i told you to kys HF

you never did fag.

want me to show you the posts when i do so?

You don't even know if im the same person, neck yourself plebbit faggot.

>random rain of pixels just to make it look like not a lost battle
>literally seconds later this thread appears crying for support because you can't do shit with proxies alone
yep, i'm pretty sure

Actually true, entered Sup Forums first time during this day.

So what was your initial reaction to the swastika getting neutron bombed?

The rainbow is obviously bot made.
I've seen it being fucked up before.

nope, it was repaired mostly by people this time

>repaired by people
if they are people they have no life, this shit is refilled 24/7 at the same rate

no, it's just the entire canvas wanting to see you gone. and you know, timezones n shit

user you don't even know who is here. And very sure hf isn't here trying to get us Sup Forumstards to man single ip attack. That's never been how things were done. You should know that unless your ultra paranoid.

In the meantime however... I'll fire up a bot and have some fun along with you guys. Need to find some proxy lists to really make a dent however.

let's go for it faggots

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Forget it. We lost why keep doing this when we could be working on hitlerland in pixel planet. There's no point to keep doing this we clearly don't have the people to beat them. Come to Hitler land where we can actually do shit without fags jumping on us every 10 seconds,-14382,9

>speaking in 3rd person
just tell everyone here that you need their non-proxy ips because yours get removed immediately
everyone heard? hf looks for personal army


why the hell do i keep getting error 403

Youre not 100% aryan i guess

You're kidding right user? First, the whole site is dead. Has been for years. What you are seeing is the admin "fixing" things by revert things back to their previous state, which looks like a bot. The whole site is protected and there is no change. Hasn't been for years.

Look on their reddit (r/PixelCavas) for the update yesterday of them saying this.

EMF just attacks to show how shitty things are. And beg the question why even keep the site up at this point? What does the admin and his one trusted trap do? Just jerk off to mlp arts all day and send each other dick pics?

>ancrap flag inside
i like how at least in those pixelgames ancraps openly admit that they're covert neonazis
because you're banned for being a proxy

I personally like this idea. Working on bot to help place better arts.

Everyone just meeting in the online chat there?

>hf looks for personal army
Needs no army. He IS the army.

>What you are seeing is the admin "fixing" things by revert things back to their previous state
if that was the case then the rest would revert as well and it wasn't. and believe it or not, there's still plenty of people playing this
oh and btw, i've been fixing as well just so you know

The admin can't really fight back. All he can do is range ban Ips and hope to ban the proxies. But there's so many ways around this as EMF proves time and again. Even public lists can be of some use. And rolling IPs total bypass.

Just get a new IP and you're good to go. But it's sad the admin has to ban IPs rather then let people use the site for what it is made for. And of course, the only way he can make an progress.

This is pointless join the beautiful pixel planet ethnostate HITLERLAND WILL PREVAIL,-14382,9

if Arkeros wasn't such a lazy piece of shit, EMF would be slaughtered long time ago

windmill of tolerance maintenance team moving out

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So.. you're retarded? Do you're eyes work?,-27
That's the turk. It wasn't there for months. And now it's back - somehow? Because someone hand placed only some of the pics?

And it is mostly all reverting. You can see the white/snow in plenty of area which weren't touched by attacks being changed. And this is what happened before the he tried to get rid of NC the last time. All the factions got hit and somewhat hard because he can't tell "good" and "bad" changes. Only that pixels changed, locations, and dates.

And you can fix all you want. Have fun! Part of the game of course. Sad however that it takes the admin to be involved before you can make any progress and hold anything. We take on the server in comparison. lol

How about taking your hate elsewhere.

>your own corner of canvas far away from everyone else
you have my green light, anons. you can build in peace, i promise i won't grief a single pixel there

you're retarded if you can't tell that it was reverted during the second phase and has nothing to do with what happened just before your thread

Well lazy yes. But it's been years of effort now and best he can do is roll backs and scripts to revert the site.

But you can't easily ban proxy IPs. There are whole companies setup to get around blocks and bans. Don't think EMF can be stopped so easily. And why they bot pics of him with a tranny pussy on his own site. Best art btw!

Poor quality bate

kek. its slowly coming back i see. nice work Sup Forumsoys!

Pixelcanvas is a waste of time because it allows cheating.

Yeah, for the admin!

>roll backs
haven't seen him doing that (and he should)
>scripts to revert the site
these are so shitty that even my sister could do better
>Don't think EMF can be stopped so easily
if you think that you can harvest proxies forever, you're wrong. i remember you quickly pushing out 10k proxies. now it took you like half a year to gather 2000. but sure, do keep going :^)

Let's fuck with the easily triggered commies and take the fun to,-603

Is user with 24 hr. Ban from pol in this thread
Was requesting trans parents reacting pics
Thread 404ed

Marching back to victory

Punch a fascist-->Punch a faggot-->Punch a fascist-->Bunch a faggits

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>>roll backs
That's what the scrip is doing now is a roll back. It's replacing the changed pixels with old pixes from over a month ago. Which is why you see the turk has (mostly) come back. I said this before.

>if you think that you can harvest proxies forever, you're wrong.
Your talking out your ass user. There are whole companies setup for rolling proxies. You can get thousands every hour, and then then change to whole new IPs, and again change in the next hour. He would need to block the entire internet range to effectively stop proxies. Just go look up rolling proxy and learn something. I'm am idiot and I even know this.

My pretty’s yes your still going with my grand plane

I have 20 IPs on it. They currently have about 150 plus the server helping. And we're holding. lol!

That's how sad things are. A small bunch of Sup Forumstards like us can fuck with them.

Where they admit to "reverting" things... cause it's all protected anyway.

except that's not what a rollback is
>Your talking out your ass user
oh, yeah? let's see then:
>There are whole companies setup for rolling proxies
that take munny. sure being a basement dweller living off of your mums tit you've got plenty of money to spare but it can't be that much if you couldn't convince that moron Arkeros to sell the site
>He would need to block the entire internet range to effectively stop proxies
and at some point he will. there's a fixed amount of IPs and you don't have any access to most of them. and you're running out of the ones you can use as everyone can see by your decreasing pixel output

Ok you make a good nazi sign and then you have some people say hey that’s funny then they turn nazi and then they start killing people and then the communists revolt and more death then all turn back to the way it was but less people so more stuff then I have everything and they will bow down to me.

-Bread cat

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Meow *die slaves*

ban nazi shit! break the chain!

>except that's not what a rollback is
Whatever you want to call it. Protected, rollback, or insured. It's all the same. In this case instead of restoring a whole section of canvas he's doing it one pixel at a time to make it look like there are some factions or users fighting back. There aren't really. And Sup Forums proves this time and time again. With this simple post we can just about over take the center in a few hours with a small handful of people. That's honestly how sad it is.

>there's a fixed amount of IPs and you don't have any access to most of them
You literally have no idea how proxies work. The supply is as broad as the internet is. IPS like Comcast, Verizon, Google, and Sprint all lease out their IPs for proxy use. You can't ban them all without banning all users. Which won't actually matter since the site is dead anyway. He can't win. Which is why this has been going on... wait for it... FOR YEARS NOW. But "any day now" they will run out. kek!

oh tranny is back
so nice to have friends on the canvas

Take a shoot BBI agent 18354916390173

pixelcanvas used to have better swastika.

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Make a mini nazi Germany here,222

thats lame. It would be better to do something about this leftist shit,3484

Nope its real. We are Xing out all of the tiny swastica’s as well and we’re doing it without bots. Maybe Sup Forums just isn’t what it used to be?

>Protected, rollback, or insured. It's all the same
no, you see, it isn't
bot protection fixed the damage in a forward direction while a rollback moves everything backwards. if you were ever an actual mod somewhere you'd know the difference
>make it look like there are some factions or users fighting back
except he openly admits to fix shit with scripts, his script doesn't appear on the counter unlike literally everyone else does and nobody is stupid enough to believe in a hand-made work when he witnesses how the "fixes" are being made
>And Sup Forums proves this time and time again
sure sure. like every single time your nazi ass was beaten to a pulp. even back when nobody even heard about bots :^)
>With this simple post we can just about over take the center in a few hours with a small handful of people
>muh 20s cooldowns
imagine being proud of your low hanging fruit
>You literally have no idea how proxies work
you literally have no idea how IP bans work :^)
>IPS like Comcast, Verizon, Google, and Sprint all lease out their IPs for proxy use
not a singe ISP does that unless the users are willing to be proxies themselves. it's retarded to even think otherwise
>wait for it... FOR YEARS NOW
and weaker every single time. last time you had to suck osama/getulix/whoever's dicks and that was still like 6000 proxies?

GUYS THEY MAKE A PHOTO OF HITLER SHOOTING HIM SLEF guys is that true that hitler shoot himself becase then I can’t have my presents of dead jews.,37

MAKe it love,-36

No, he escaped to Argentina during project paper clip. Probably lived 10 more years there.

They used bots to btfo muh nazis

there would be no nazis without bots in the first place

Yaaaa I’m so happy. Dad:and then with hitler Stalin died at the same time the end.

oh well theres always the one at,4757

GUys there trying to make the voids go to them both

God this thread is full of faggots. Sieg Heil

it's a neonazi thread, what did you expect?,333

I've been doing my part

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nazis have a colony somewhere in 30k radius from the centre. completely unbothered. you should build your empire there


Send me the cords


i don't remember where. someone bragged about it on discord
it's true however i don't know where it is. i mean, if i knew then redpixel could know as well and then it wouldn't be left untouched

Just use one of the many bots, stick the file somewhere...

there are no working bots as of now

Just go to hitlerland,-14321,11
Pixel planet is better anyways

A search of github shows several candidates, if none work just automate chrome

Heu guys why we don't create like mini svastika every where so we invading again

You mean guerilla warfare?

do you have an actual image of this famed spurdomaid?,-8898,18

If you mean a reference image then no, I just saw a couple of anime girls and turned them into Spurdos

Lol you fags just can't handle getting owned by trans ppl

I've been seeing these threads every day for like a week now and it's epic watching you ree over this. Complaining about bots you use yourself. Calling them no lives while you're literally wasting your life complaining about them no lifeing on pixel canvas. You just can't accept how hard your whole life is just absolutely owned by your own stupidity, that you have no choice but to double down on your retardation every single time, multiplied over your whole life.


dog bles u then


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why waste time placing pixels when you can fug a qt3.14 traぷ-chan

Every, single time.,199 Look at the plan for our land

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sigh, 13 year olds like you still come here?


I hope you find Jesus. Man shall not lay with man.

Yeah but its very volatile like a virus

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Attached: 1567595327177.jpg (960x666, 98K),-2043 Fill in with ya know

I think its funnier to put dicks on the ponies

Dont let thim win

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I did Nazi this coming, Anne Frankly I've had enough

Why? If it was something funny I'd get it, but nobody even gives a fuck about swastikas aside from turbo normies and the kind that use that site won't get triggered, they'll just try harder to cover it up, you're just making more fun for them. Your entire life right now is focused on trading the limited fuel of your very own existence to generate entertainment for people you believe are beneath you. Do you not see how retarded that is?