ITT we pretend we are on reddit

ITT we pretend we are on reddit.

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orange man bad please give upvote.

That shits gay

Reddit rules!

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You're all gay for not being gayer.

Let's unpack this.

Here in the r/politics subreddit we discuss all types of political ideology and not just worship one.

Example, today's most upvoted headline

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baby yoda
keanu reeves

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shut up and take my upvote!
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>So basically being fake humble, pretending to be smart, liking everything the group likes, outraged at everything that slightly deviates from the Overton window and looking for validation from strangers?

Guys I am just here to tell you I fucking love bacon and cats! I cant believe all these white supremacists are supporting trump. Cant they see the irony of supporting a rich man when they themselves are poor? It's really Hegelian if I could be frank. (Havent read Hegel but it seems like it is a great fit if I am honest.) Trying to get around to reading Hegel but my minimum wage job and student loans only give me 7 hours of free time every day .

Edit throwaway account because I dont want to get doxxed by all the white supremacists that browse here.

China bad, young skinny college protester kids good!

I wish I could give two up votes! Great post.

Y'all niggas actually go to reddit?

Unacceptable it's almost 2020 and this pervasive bigotry keeps on being a stain on the human race but then again we are just monkeys on a rock.

Actually I think monkeys are smarter and better than us.

I went twice once in 2013 for a week and again in 2017. It's worse than you could imagine.


im gay

True I hate humans I wish we went extinct the world would be much better

>That’s racist
>That’s offensive
>There’s no historical context behind anything, censor everything without bothering talking about the differences between past and present context
>There’s no such thing as a transexual who is also mentally ill, you’re just a hateful bigot who is holding them back from a perfectly safe surgery that will magically fix all of their mental problems at once
>Please don’t cuss, my feelings matter
>That sociopath is so brave, because she has ovaries; the man she castrated probably deserved it
>Click like buttons, ring bells, upboat, etc. It’s not Pavlovian, I swear
>Soy is good for you

Probably just westerners going extinct would do the trick.

I despise that cesspool. It's flooded with stuck-up power-hungry and trigger-happy flags.

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