My friend is gonna kill them selves and there is nothing i can do about it

my friend is gonna kill them selves and there is nothing i can do about it

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Good, you don't deserve any friends.

Yes there is. Your just too much of a retard.

i have been talking to her for hours now, Sup Forums, any advice?

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you can murder him before he does


idk dude i mean u got any advice?

make the faggot record it on life leak.

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Tell her to post tits and pussy and stop wasting everyone’s time, including yours

this was my fist post here and mann i love Sup Forums

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SAVE YOUR FRIEND? Is your friend male or female?

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an old acquaintance of mine and i bumped in to each other today. his girlfriend caught him cheating and broke it off. he said it was his birthday yesterday, that he was drunk and all that. anyway, he confided in me that he was ready to commit suicide. told me he was ready to slit his wrist, purposefully drove in the wrong lane to see what would happen, almost jumped off a cliff. like i said, he's an old acquaintance. the fact that he told me all this is worrying. we weren't even close, yet he exposed himself to me :(
he did something wrong, but his reaction is pretty extreme

eat her pussy! remind her of the pleasures of life.

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>and there is nothing i can do about it
can't you at least record it or something?

fuckk dude

na dude she wont even tell me how shes ganna do it, only that its between the 20th and 27 of December. tbh im not entirly sure is she ACTUALLY will do it, but fuckkk

rape him

nevermind I just found out it's a woman
rape HER

i offered that, she too depressed to care about sexual pleasures, i know its very say

she's not gonna do it she's attention whoring
but since you have a lot of time, rape her

i really hope shes an attention whore

just ask her to give you a try.

i did, shes said there was no point, no matter what i do she said she would kill her self

just start licking! her brain is not working right.

as many have said before me the only right answer is rape

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kys first so he can know what it feels like and than maybe he won't do it