Hey Sup Forumsoys wanna fuck my crush?

Hey Sup Forumsoys wanna fuck my crush?

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10/10, nice lil butt



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Liking the ass of the girl i love?

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Yes, but do you have any from the front?

I hope you like it

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Fuck I need to see her tummy

Yes yes. Here you go.

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Goddamn she's fucking cute

She really is! Wanna know something about her?


Anything* sorry. Uh, ask away I guess.

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How old is she?

I really like sharing her ass to you btw.


18. We just finished high school.

Do you have any nudes?

Here you go friend

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Sorry. No, barely have some of her in underwear.

That's a shame

I wish I could eat her pussy

her panties

I wish you could fuck her pussy

Forgot the pic lol

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Fuck I want her to sit on my face

lleva a tu puti pobre a otro lado... argentina is not white

Do think she would like my cock?

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Mind giving out her socials?

You still here man?

Sorry was (still am) having visitors.


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She would. Maybe too white? You can always force yourself on her.

>Maybe too white?
Bitch only into spicks or niggers

nice sissy cock