I'm about to turn 24 years old, and feel like i just graduated high school...

i'm about to turn 24 years old, and feel like i just graduated high school. literally feel the exact same as i did when i was 18

6 years just went by like it was nothing. now i'm a grown man

what the fuck Sup Forums

what the fuck

oldfags use to call me an underage faggot that should be b&. but now i'm the oldfag


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Im 19.. does it get better user?

I'm 21. No.

welcome to the club faggot

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it gets fucking worse. you have no idea

make the most of being in the 18-21 age bracket. people will still treat you like a kid. especially if you're going to college. everyone will give you a chance

but after that...holy shit bro. holy shit

im 27 and it doesnt get any better

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Fuckkk this thread is not helping my depression

26 here, same as you OP. It will not get better. THERE IS NO ROCK BOTTOM, IT WILL ALWAYS GET WORSE

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I'm 32 and can conform. Haven't done shit in my life except get a bachelors degree and can't find shit to do with.

In case anyone asks, I have an associates in accounting and bachelor's in business admin with an emphasis in accounting.

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why didn't we make more of it bro

why didn't we let ourselves enjoy being a teenager

and then being a college student

why didn't we enjoy life while we still fucking could god fucking dammit i didn't realise it'd go so fucking fast

all my friends are busy. my dogs are going to die soon. my parents soon after. everything hurts

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I’m turning 28 this December and I’ve been off and on Sup Forums since I was 14. You have to stop having a kid mentality. Those years go by because you aren’t doing anything new so your brain doesn’t commit to remembering it. Find new stuff even if it’s not huge and start enjoying the ride.


mostly due to the illusion "grown" people seem to sell to underage people that one gets its shit together once one is "adult". That whole concept is void of meaning.

29 and in a similar boat. Wasted countless years trying for a Masters bc. "it's what's ought to be done", especially in the field I did my BSc in (Physics), but I couln't get over the actual thesis. I could do courses just fine, but when confronted with having to do some actual research, the thought of me being absolutely not good enough to actually contribute to research made me not want to even start. No matter what I'd try, I'd feel like it'd be merely "cute" compared what should be done.

Currently filling with accounting evening courses to have something different in the hopes I can tell people "I'm not pants-on-head retarded (cf. BSc in Physics) and have some notions of shit going on in buisness (notions in accounting).

At any rate, everyone is fucking lost and completely retarded when it comes to life, those that seem to have their shit together just slightly less. They clumsily waded through some of these vague things life throws at you, and gained enough knowledge in these fields through said wading, enough to scrape by. And thus, they seem like enlightened prophets to those that didn't. At least that's my head canon on it.

bump to keep this depressing thread alive

Agree m8. I've been thinking about getting my masters for quite some time but basically it boils down to I just can't afford it.

That's good depending on whether or not you still live off your parents. Most people have to get their ass kicked everyday and be responsible for their wife and kids. I think 30 years old is grown man age maybe 25+. You're getting there if you're living comfortably no one can say shit to you tbh

I'm not gonna make it bros, I'm gonna die a virgin.

Lmaoooo if you wanna fuck so badly then get an escort bro. There after you'll find out how overrated sex is


then if ur ever asked you can say you're not a virgin, and just make up some head canon that you hooked up with someone at a bar

easy peasy

plus, if you eventually get with a girl legit you'll know what you're doing

24 here and wasted a bunch of years pursuing engineering that i didnt really care about because i was kind of pushed into it due to my dad being one. now i switched to accounting because my moms one and im graduating this december. already used her contacts to get me a bunch of interviews but i still dont really care about any of this.

i guess my goal is to just earn enough money to go home and chill as best as possible but it all seems inevitably meaningless

It's better than fapping that's for sure, usually. But the shit that goes along with it kinda worsens the point. Been dry for 6 years now, sure if like to fug again, but you know.

nigger I am 33 and have been here since 2005. absolutely nothing changes, adulthood isn't even real.

correct. here I am trying to keep my dying mother from drinking herself to death because my dad got murdered by some stupid little 16 year old nigger boy who's guts I am going to rip out when the stupid liberal faggots pat him on the head and let him go since they don't really consider murdering a white man to be a crime.

like have you been radicalized yet because if you aren't you will be

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this treed is going to make me kill myslef on good i hope i find someone to get marryed to and have kids that all i ahve ever wanted to be and a good job if i dont i thinki might die being alone is slowly killing me


I don't know, I'm 19, in college, just got a 30k a year job while in college. I just moved out and it feels good. The trick for me is that I'm still a kid and love being a kid, but now I have money. Don't let yourself fall into the doomer trap and always try to do something to improve yourself. I'm putting away 1500 a month into compounding interest accounts and I'm keeping up with friends.

Mentally, the best thing to do for yourself is to stay organized, be social, and work on yourself in some way always, and even when it gets rough, you should always be able to look back at yourself a year ago and feel like you've improved something in your life.


Get into a trade, make hella money, ball out, eventually you'll find your woman who is looking for long term. While you're out here providing you'll look like superman to her instead of being a bum and feel sorry for yourself.

Pretty sure it gets better when you're around 80, you'll be able to act like a tard kid again.

thats excatly what i am doing i found . really good grill and i am going to make her christmas extra speical this year. i made a vyinal record with all our favorite songs on it and i have been balling out its mad fun when you got the bands

THANKS Sup Forums

congrats man. shit works out for some of us i guess

can't find decent work in field
work shit low paying jobs with degenerates to pay rent
friends slowly drifting or disappearing
don't really like most of the friends I have anyways so there's no reason to try and stop them from going
drugs aren't fun anymore
girls are fine but keep them all emotionally distant
hobbies are only fun/rewarding intermittently

god what the fuck, i'm doing the best i can but everything fucking sucks, i'm just drifting through every day and it's all the same.

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ay bro lifes what you make it. go outside for a walk dude it will change your life. go to the gym. read a book

You're an idiot. I'm 36 and no one takes anyone under 30 seriously. The only way to make people take you seriously is to make something of yourself before 30 - become ingrained in a profession or get a degree or something. That way by the time you're 30, people will actually listen to you.

know that feel

miss seeing my friends everyday at school. then every week during college

didn't realise what i had until it was over

ok boomer

Get an MBA, moron. No one gives a shit about bachelors degrees anymore - they're almost worthless.

Yeah i know this. I've been happy and adventurous in the past and I still try to be, but it just feels like i'm in stasis now. I just don't know where to walk because all the signs are pointing in the wrong directions.

Shit works out when you have the right relationships, the right work ethic, and the right mindset. I'm dedicating my life to making sure life doesn't pass me by. Life is limited and I'm too busy trying to do cool shit and meet cool people to be a doomer.

OP, make a change and don't let life fly by. You only get one, save money and go somewhere you've always wanted to go.

I'm booming at the bank ;)

About to turn 27 here. No real education because I never knew what I wanted to do and didn't want the debt that goes with getting something that doesn't make sense. Of course my family and friends saw that as a failure for not doing what you're supposed to do. I have an okay part time job that won't give me full time because we're in a college town. I have an apartment I can barely afford. Two horribly failed relationships, one of 7 years and one of 4 where I was engaged. I have no friends in person lost them all in the relationships. Medical depression and anxiety through the roof. But I try to hang in there for my friends I made online through gaming. We play and talk most nights and try to schedule mini events to look forward to. I also try to do new things every few months, sometimes things I think to myself that I'd never do. I've joined gyms before but they have enough excitement so I joined a CrossFit gym for awhile. It was intense! Never thought I would be one of "those" people lol. It wasn't quite my kind of thing but it was fun to try and I learned something about myself. I joined a comedy club for awhile and I'm not the funny at all. Tried pottery too and a few other random things. I've also tried doing stuff like giving plasma for money or participating in study's for cash. TLDR! Life doesn't just get better. It pretty much sucks but you have to make it better. Little by little and moment by moment find something to shake things up.

Yeah i know this. I've been happy and adventurous in the past and I still try to be, but it just feels like i'm in stasis now. I just don't know where to walk because all the signs are pointing in the wrong directions.

welcome to adulthood, user. In case you expected magic flowers and rainbows all around when you turned [x yers], well... you were wrong.

Life is what you make of it within your bounds, after all. Try doing the best you can: create a family, help your community and those in need, try finding God, raise your kids to be great persons you can be proud of... NO pressure, dude. Just live, and do it. You have been doing so for the last 24 years.

Avoid bad companies, starting projects you will never finish, or doing stupid shit at all. We all know some guy deep in his 40/50s or even 60s in a terrrible, or lame, or cringe situation... You can avoid ending up like that, but it could happen to you.

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Focus on your relationships. Your brain is programmed to be happy when you have fulfilling relationships. It's hard to make yourself vulnerable, I know that shit, but you gotta open yourself up to feel any better.

Plus, all good work opportunities come through either luck or networking, being social would help you in your field, too.

you're probably right

so many people are so unbearable though and i'm an introvert by nature. i guess because i really don't want to do it means that I probably should.

This !

Im 19 nd havent even got my diploma..

i'm 22 i feel like 16

When i was 16 i felt like adult
today i feel like adult kid

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When i was 19 i was your age.

literally wasn't that bad
what a nigger

Shut the fuck up faggot