bats are cute

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the Isabelle train don't stop

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fuck I forgot how much i love that one

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wish my gf would cosplay as her while I creampie her but she despises Isabelle lol :(

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sounds like someone is jealous

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my girlfriends are always cosplaying in their fursuits.

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yes but only because insecurities. I have my fair share though so its understandable

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not my thing but more power to you bro. get it!

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gotta shower, hope to come back to more of this sexy cutie

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isabelle is good

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holy shit, thank you for all the Isabelle bro(s). you did not disappoint!

except you. you disappoint me a lot. that's some /d/ shit right there mang

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I want to fuck that big squishy butt!

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I want to fuck that big squishy mutt!
>took me forever to find this follow up pic
holy fuck that's so hot and adorable

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good lord why can't she be real

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got anymore of her? solo or with Isabelle?

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let me see

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thank you for this one!

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I'm not letting you die

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*forgot pic*
me neither!

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I want to fuck every single Animal Crossing character so bad

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nice fluffy Isabutt

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i want an animal crossing knock-off dating sim / harvest moon game
I'd make it myself if i wasn't so busy with work

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What is wrong with people these days? Why does everyone on the internet have to fight about stupid shit? I don't want to fight, but the worse someone is the more they treat them like shit because they're weak little cowards who can't cope with their emotions positively. People have been so brainwashed that they can't even be nice to anyone with problems, only respond with anger which just makes things worse when they could help themselves by helping others. It's sad and pathetic. I want to help people and make the world a better place, and all I ever get in return is shit people bullying others like teenagers in high school.

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don't let 'em under your skin hon, we get all sorts of types here and taking everything they say to heart is only going to grey your hair

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Well my hair has been thinning since I was 16 so there's that

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