Hey b I’ve had it for a few months and I know it’s not cancer and I don’t think it’s herpes never itches or has...

Hey b I’ve had it for a few months and I know it’s not cancer and I don’t think it’s herpes never itches or has been dry I need medfag help I’m broke

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It's normal, everyone has them.

That's herpes mate.

But I’ve had it for ages and there’s quite a few? They kinda disappear when I’m hard

He's meming you.

Get a better picture mate

Alright I’m assuming it’s herpes then how do I get rid of it from being on my dick I know this shit stays

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it's hair folicules

I'm not memeing. I've got a ton of them and I've never had sex a day in my life.

It doesn't go away OP

Come on man this is my dick no memes I’ve had a lot of sex but damn I’m gonna kill the hoe I think had this

Shall I go to a doctor I want it gone any tips?

Woah, you do have a thicc finger

It’s easier to see flaccid hard they’re not that visible it’s just a put off during sex you know thinking I’m passing something.

LMAO what's her name

Wear a condom you mongoloid

I do but I still feel like I’m giving it you know

She was good looking and foreign don’t trust Slavs b

I’m also not trying to see a doctor any tips also half you saying one thing and the other saying one makes me realise I’ve really gotta go

Med fag here, 100% herpes

Forcyde spots bro

Pretty sure that's aids.

Could be staff

Theres no way to remove it, they're normal.
It occurs when hair follicles are tugged on abruptly around the penis. Often it's a mechanism of masturbation that causes it.
But they dont go away, they're normal.
A girl would not notice them.

This, google this right now OP, everyone keeps lying to you, saying it's not normal, but it is.



its sebbacious something or another. one in ten dudes have them theyre no transferrable

HPV or maybe the herp both you’re stuck with but HPV is less of a stigma

I'm surprised no one has said Molluscum Contagiosum. I was a corpsman with the Marines and saw this shit a month after port every time.

Compound frozen wart remover kit and zap those fuckers. Don't let them weep because it'll spread. Don't freeze too often or you will scar. Find a healthy balance, zap, and don't pick!

Dumbass probably got them all over by picking and jerking it twice a fucking day.

I don't! Herpes or other sti if I had to guess.. GL

Wash your dick more

It could be this also,condyloma acuminatum. Good luck user

Cut your dick off and eat it

molluscum contagiosum