Hii guys :) I just want to know what you really think of my ass or me??

Hii guys :) I just want to know what you really think of my ass or me??

Be honest! I'm just curious what guys all over the world think of me

Btw I'm a Persian girl 19 years old if you wonder :)

Soo tell me what you think of me, what kind of girl am I? Xx

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Hot, love to see more


Persian girl here, guuys tell me? :)

I think your hot. Ever had your asshole, sweetheart?

time fucking stamp and tits

need a time stamp

Persian girl here, what you mean? :o

Propably if you ever did anal.
Are u a virgin? And how old r u?

Nevermind, lol. But yes you are beautiful. I'm a guy from the US. Persian women are lovely and you are more beautiful than the average one ;)

Would you be interested in me if we met?

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You wish, fag

Persian girl here, omg oh :o I'm 19 years old :)

How did you end up here? Lol

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Persian girl here, I just heard about this site and that you can post pics so I did :)

Nice selfie

Are u a virgin? Also do a fucking timestamp

>selfie without hands

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That's extremely brave. I'm proud of you ;)

Have you ever been to the US? Are you in college?


Persian girl here, no I have never been to US. Yes I finished collage :)

Hi Yasmine, how is tabriz city

Good for you and you should visit sometime. We're not as crazy as we seem.

What do you like to do for fun?

Can you show us butthole

Dude that is a catfish from California.. The best she'll do is to put a bunch of guys in a kik group to worship her ass given that single picture she had been posting for roughly 2 years on Sup Forums. Now think only... 19 yo foe 2 years! Daamn these forever young Persian cunts, bruh

Hopefully I killed the enthusiasm of the biatch


Persian girl here, ahaa why should I visit?

Reminds me of Malika, an Algerian girl I met in Paris when I was 12. Made me wet my pants with precum. I bet you could too.

Why not? I'm here, I could show you around ;)

Presian girl here, really??

Since so many faggots larp as females here just for the (yous), it is essential that you indicate you actually are who you say you are.

Pic related.

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I would be honored to. I live near Washington DC, so I could show you the White House and all the monuments.

Faggot larp. Pic related.

This is why we have fucking rules faggots.

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You will show her the Capitol Hills and she will respond with a tour of her Butt Hills? Hahaha

Jasmine, you must be 21 yo by now, but obviously the spirit is still 19;) open up that nasty beef curtains pussy for the folks to admire. Don't post your sister's tush again.

Bumping. Who wants to see thus bitch's pussy

Yeah bumpin too bro, I'd like to see. What you think of her?

What's your kik?

Why you want my kik?

Just to have your pussy in a photo

The second response was not me

For info only... She has beef curtains