What's it like having a big dick?

What's it like having a big dick?

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It can be a burden if you don't have the charisma people expect you to come with.
I have a huge cock but am not self confident, so everyone thinks i have a small one

It's just like having a small dick, except it's bigger.

Its alright I suppose...would hate to have a small one though

Girls behave differently with you. They let you do things to them and dominate them they wouldn’t let a guy with a small or regular cock do. Since big dicks are fetishized they know that other women feel this way about you too, and they know they have little power over you. The behavior is totally different because they know you’re the one with power.

Once people at your work place, your general entourage learn you have a big cock they start acting differently with you. Men give you more respect, some will hate you out of jealousy. Girls will get closer to you. Some will sleep with you just out of curiosity. Overall its great and a big deal in todays society even tho everyone will tell you otherwise, but its true.

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Cool. Every time I pull my dick out, women that have never seen my dick get a little intimidated and make a surprised scared face

Finding underwear and pants that fit you comfortably takes some trial and error. You also gotta spend more for bigger condoms, otherwise the normal ones will either slip out or strangle your erection. As for how it is physically, keeping it hard for a long time while fucking can be a challenge, as your blood tends to flow to your muscles; doing for too long or for too many times can make your dick hurt or get your head dizzy. Also, girls sure enjoy a big dick, but you have to make sure that they don't move with too much strength or in weird angles, since it doesn't fit all in and it can hurt both them and you.

This is pretty accurate. The only thing I would add is there are some drawbacks. Getting a good blow job is difficult, more than a mouthful is real. The other thing is having a big dick can make sex with some women very painful. I have torn up a few vaginas, literally, and when you get going you will be hitting her cervix. Some women love it, for others, it can be very painful.

I am 6-4 with a 8-inch penis that is about 7 1/2 inches around.

It's whatever. You get respect from men, and strike out with some chicks because they don't want it.

My brother had a 9 inch hog thick too. He has a good personality and is decent looking but most chicks he’s with refuse anal or can’t take a pounding for too long. Weirdest rejection he got was from a girl that didn’t want to be loose for her future husband - he tried to logic her that it was a misconception but she shut him down. He gets more adulation from guys and uses gay apps for user blowies. It’s whatever. I’m 6 inches n have had way more anal and as much normal sex. Still he looks way better in speedos

My cock is 19 cm long and 6 cm wide, is that good

No, fuckin tiny. Maybe you could become a trap?

Good point, I have never had anal. Every girl has said HELL NO whenever I have brought it up.

i lay on a float in the pool with my shorts wet and bulge printing. the lolis will come play by me while im relaxing, the milfs beg for eye contact and the prime pussy is busy posing for me/bending over/spreading their legs. this is one environment where women can stare at your dick while youre sleeping on your float. one time i fell asleep and floated right in front of the lifeguard. when i came to i was on the wall right in front of her chair. she spent the next 20 minutes eyefucking me when i got out of the pool. so i started smacking my cheeks with a water bottle and put my fingers on my lips. she put her whistle in her mouth on command. this same slut literally spanked herself repeatedly with the shoulder strap on one of those lifeguard floats the next time i was there. other lifeguards have bent over the table and pulled their bottoms up their ass. these females are desperate for big cock just put yourself in an environment where they can see it. i had to go through airport xray bullsgit and put my hands above my head while wearing tight sweatpants. the girl behind me in line must have peaked that bulge because she followed me to the terminal and was desperately trying to get my attention by posting up beside me and doing her hair/whatever else she could think of to make me look over (i didnt). ive seen enough where i have 0 respect at all for women. theyre all whores.

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Women dont want no freak dick. If its like 8" they will give it a try once. But to big you not getting any. These fags on here will claim they got a foot long and fuck all the time. If it was true they would be in porn getting $25 a shot.

Hillbilly assed motherfucker.

Bullshit pic and time stamp

It has it's pros and cons. Obviously women love it. If I get a half chub or anything similar in public its awkward as hell.

Women and guys stare, but guys are more likely to make comments and advances. In bed, sometimes its tough to stay rock hard. Thankfully its not so massive that women will refuse anal outright but, I was too big for one of my ex's to deep throat unless she really took her time.

It's hot to watch women squirm when it all slides in. One girl wanted to watch me slowly go all the way in and out, her reactions were so hot.

Hope this helps

>>the lolis will come play by me while im relaxing
>>the lolis
Wat ?

fucking cope all women want between 7-9 inches

>What's it like having a big dick?
Utterly useless if you look like Stephen King, FML.

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Lol wot?

t. dicklet fantasy

Honestly I wish I had a big dick just so I can hold power over women. I'm sure they act differently when they know, and they treat you differently. Women are such simple people I honestly wish I could make them do whatever I wanted just to expose how base they are.

dude they bump into my float and play right beside me. id tell you what else theyve done but it would seem like larping. lets just say they love showing off their camel toes.

exactlythey just dont believe it

This. Ive met a girls before, fallen in love with her. To make it short, I'm finally able to sleep with her. At first she was amazed and excited by the size of my dick. I got text from her the next day, she says she feel weird, stretched out. Doesnt want to sleep with me after that. Heart broken over my big cock pic related

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You want a big dick because you think that will control them. You believe you aren’t getting chicks because you have a tiny dick? Your shit personality out shines your micropeen man.

On the plus side your wife should have an easy time with childbirth

Would you be willing to make a trap have orgasms like a girl from anal? Pic is me

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Sure. I've think I've seen you in trap threads before. How would you want me to fuck you?

>my cock that I saved from Sup Forums

Let's be real dude, if you pull out a massive bat do you think a girl is never gonna want to talk to you again? You'll be on her speed dial whenever she's feeling it. Trust me, I know many women, I see their patterns. Plus it would give me a confidence boost, most women won't turn down a big one, and even the ones who would at least give it a shot. I feel like I'd be able to walk up to almost any woman and get 80% into securing the deal before failing.

no your ass is not only small but flabby as well

You have an inverted ass. How the fuck are those even staying on?

Describe her reactions

This. Just tell her, "it may be a needle, but it moves like a sewing machine"

Problem is, I like em petite
Yea I posted here in the past so what?

I would probably like to lay on my stomach with you on top of me or on my back where we can see each other. You sitting down where I bounce up and down on top would also be fun~

A helpful confidence boost but nothing major.
It’s fun to joke about it and it felt really good to see my girlfriend getting scared the first time she saw it.

But then, when I discovered that having sex hurt her and that that meant that fucking wouldn’t be as pleasurable for her, it became more of a hassle than anything else.
I’d gladly give out a cm or two, it feels good to know I hit the back but I’d rather fuck without fear of hurting her.

Sure. She looked super turned on and would moan when it was sliding in. On the way out her eyes would get really wide. I teased with my head a bit and she got super wet and started whimpering a bit.

She was a really fun lay, and cute too.

You seem fun. ;) what's you favorite position out of all of them?

How is it inverted?

I can confirm. This is the exactly how I feel.

Couldn't tell ta scooter....

It's aight but I'm still insecure and sexless

LARPers are out in force today

Probably laying on my stomach or sitting on your lap, I orgasm in like less than a minute with my butt when I'm on my stomach but riding on your lap would probably feel really good too and probably be more fun than just taking it while I lay down

Most of it's all been said at this point. Once word gets out you do get interest from women who want to take it for a ride. Anal is almost always out of the question. Hiding an erection is pretty much impossible. Etc

Also, flat fronted slacks are out of the question unless you want to look like you're trying to smuggle a grapefruit in your underwear.

The occasional gasp or "oh my god you're huge" is nice though.

Honestly the biggest plus is that dick size is just something in my life i don't have to think about, i'm not spending time wishing it was bigger or wondering what girls will think. On the opposite side it can be annoying with bulges/swimshorts, i don't mind if people can tell it's large but i wouldn't want them thinking i'm purposely showing off

Everytime time someone says im a larper when I post my dick I take it as a compliment. Someone even said it was shopped earlier

Sounds good. Would come even faster if I held you down on your stomach.

I love being ridden too. So I would really enjoy watching you work on me. Would you tease the head or are you a take it all and bounce girl?

I had a few GFs but married early. In 20 years she never said once that I had big knob. Previous GFs liked my weapon but weren't exactly frightened of it. Anyways, get divorced and I shag a woman who was no stranger to a willy. Before we shagged she asked "if I like anal" driving not the passenger obv. She loved it. Odd woman. Anyways, she saw my knob and said she couldn't do it because my knob was too big and would hurt her. We tried anyways and she'd last 5 mins before quitting. She even told her workmates and friends about my "huge penis". She also said my knob was too big for certain vaginal intercourse positions. Then I shagged another woman. She was no stranger either. She asked if I ever measured my Wang cos it was so long. The first thing she said when she saw me naked with a thumper was " how am I supposed to get that in my mouth".

They'd both tense up when fucking. Very annoying.

So idk, to be honest.

It's ok I guess
My dick is too sensitive for sex so I just went gay.
Fags love big cock, but if your a big dick bottom, then it's a little harder to find someone (everyone is like 'cool your huge!' until your in the bedroom, then every single one just tries to pressure me to top)
Thankfully, my bf of 7 years is almost as big as me and a strict top :3

Who would want anal with a piece of flat, flabby cardboard?

My cock is 5.5" but someone at my job started a rumor that I was hung. Suddenly I had girls interested in me, even being as forward as asking to see it. I played along but I was nowhere near as big as they all thought I was.

Careful you might get metoo'd

what about the fornixes?

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I might add that it’s not guaranteed that women will try to fuck you if word gets out, that sounds like bullshit.
In my group of friends in high school, we would regularly joke about the size of my dick. At some point, basically everyone in school knew I had a big pecker.

Nothing changed because I was and still am just an autist with a big dick.
No girl comes up to you and asks to see it just cause it might be true, not even the class sluts did.
I found my gf fair and square, she learned of my dick in bed.

If you don’t have a big dick, don’t worry, we are not playing on easy mode.
Only if you’re attractive and charismatic AND have a big dick you’ll get attention.


How often do you give him blowjobs?
Do you always swallow?
What is your favourite position for fucking?
Do you cum from anal?

I find women in the late 30s+ will seek out big Willie's. I think it's because their twinkle caves have shat out a few kids and loses its tightness. Muscles, tendons etc all lose integrity as you age. Look at the size of some dildos. Older women need a horse cock just to touch the sides.

Before I take you I would probably play with your head using my tongue for a bit, if you held me down on my stomach I would probably start having multiple orgasms back to back and scream like a girl. I've never taken anything as big as you so I would probably be squirting out cum just after a few thrusts. Omg I'm getting so horny thinking about how many times I would cum during just one session of sex, would it turn you on thinking about how before you cum once you've forced me to moan like a girl while I orgasm consecutively

tell, tell !

You probably couldn't even make me cum, small dick

My god you are sexy. I'm getting horny just imagine you writhing and clawing the sheets as you cum again and again. After a few times, I'd slow down and start slowly moving all the way in and then all the way back of out of your boipussy. Then, I'd lean even more of my weight onto your shoulders and start teasing you just my head. How would you beg for me to start pounding you?

Blowjobs are boring, she can only work on the head. Hopefully in my case its enough to make me cum, but sometimes I wish I could throat fuck my gf really hard..

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All the time for the first too

Doggie, but I also like missionary so I can watch my cock touch his nipple
I cum when people are in me, if your asking if I can cum if I do anal on others, no. Even a handjob feels too weird unless it's my hand.

6 inch cock reporting in, not only was i born handsome but i have a large cock too. Just imagine having the world bow down to you for have a large 6 inch cock.

Your whole life changes, you get a job as CEO of racism, you earn money from the goverment as a "thank you" for living in the country you're currently at and people all around the world will travel to your house to have sex with you.


I can only have sex with my gf in a single position because otherwise it hits her wrong inside and she doesn't like it, her ex was only 5" with upward curve and she said it was some of the best sex of her life. we have an arrangement that she gets to have him over once a year for that reason

it's also annoying when I play sports, when I accidentally get a boner when someone posts up on me, it sticks out from my waistband, so i usually have to go sit down until it goes away

I got the same problem. Only 2 girls have been able to deep throat me and give a proper BJ. My current GF thinks she hot shit for just licking my head, it's boring as hell.

Unless you're 6'4" that doesn't even look big. Above average maybe

Mere human contact would be enough to make you cum, incel

Normal. I can't imagine what it must be like to live your entire life as a "manlet" with a sub par cock. Anything below 7.5 inches = Manlet

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women enjoy it

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Bro 7.5 you joking right the national avreage is 5.5 anything over 5.5 is a large cock.

6.5 and girth checkin in. Feels good man. Everything I wear shows my bulge. And I work in a gym so it's sweats and shorts. I'm really popular with our female clients for some reason lol

>people in this thread acting like they have a big dick
>even posting pics
>and they are barely 6.5"
oof, you've been brainwashed by the media, 6.5" is the average, 99% of people in the world has a dick between 6 and 7", with a few outliers who do porn who have 8", or micropenis guys who have 4".

if you want your dick to look bigger, lose weight, you develop fat pounch in your hips before anywhere else. women don't know how to judge the size of a dick, most of the time they will think you're huge if the first time they see it it's erect

I'd probably start begging you to give me another orgasm and when you're going a bit slower I'd be moaning please make me cum again. If I was pinned down with you on my back I would be having muscle spasms and be shaking all around each orgasm while my butt clamps down by itself just asking you to cum inside me

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Im 6'5 lol. Its not really the lenght but the thickness that cause problems

Its like having big muscles or nice teeth, its good but its not everything

>anything over 5.5 is a large cock
no, anything over 5.5 is an above average cock. Only 7.5 and up is when you start getting big. It's like height

Yes. The national average is TINY. Look at a 5.5 inch cock then look at a girthy 7.5 inch cock.

Cope with reality bro. Just don't look up dildo purchase/size statistics. You'll weep.

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Looks bigger than her arm in pic

Sure thing small dick

her arm is ten miles in the background

I love you your thighs. Well then, I would slowly slide all the way in and whisper in your ear, how bad do you want me to cum inside you." I'd slowly start fucking you faster and harder. Making girls cum makes me cum, so I would save every second of your moaning, bucking, squirming and squealing. And, the more turned on I get the harder and faster I fuck you.

Fair warning I haven't fapped in 5 days, how bad do you want my big load?

"You've got a huge cock" is so fucking sexy to hear

Still looks pretty big tho. Depends of the size of the girl

>so i started smacking my cheeks with a water bottle and put my fingers on my lips.

Oh yeah baby that sounds VERY sexy, smack those baby cheeks you naughty little baby

Is there a fetish where girls fuck big dick dudes and give birth to sons, just to raise them in secret to be their personal fuckboys?
If there is, name?
Did I just create a new fetish if not heard of?

who knew there were so many anons with big cocks having sex all the fucking time...

I would rather make out with your dick and then try bringing my mouth to your base before you unload it all into my stomach, I've been able to cum without even touching myself just thinking about doing something like that before, so giving you a blowjob would actually be able to make me orgasm

nice one. post moar. got a pic of it inside her?

Lots of larpers who saved pics on the internet dont be fooled

It’s great

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Show me then. Not too many ladies can deep throat me. I'm also super horny right now, so it would be the biggest, hottest load of your life from my rock hard throbbing cock. Think you're up the challenge, girl?

Any more pics of you in panties/lingerie, btw?

horrible I have to hold my dick when I shit because it will go in toilet water. Other than the occasional “wow” when I pull my pants down there are no real benefits.