Your not a racist, right?

Your not a racist, right?

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Nope. So get that Refugee cock inside my wife!

He's not a refugee, he's an engineer


Even better!

also bro, u got discord? wanna chat about blacked and stuff? hmu WhiteExtinction#5624

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what a username

Well? Gonna add me?

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Damn, that ass could use some BBC

No I'm not my black man. Please impregnate my wife.

I dont use discord

We'd be lying if we said W*ite cock could handle it.

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Fair enough, but if anyone else does: hmu


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fuaark, keep it going

cope, nigger dicklet

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My white cock could definitely handle that ass.

Her face couldn't handle the slaps and punches she'd get for being a slag while I was at it.

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White cock can't do anything for any woman

I'm glad you agree.

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Keep coping, cuck incels

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Not complaining but does she own any other shorts?


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Lmao no idea. Only have those three of her.

I'd like to think she takes them off around Black Men.

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fuck thats hot

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what about an insta? Id like to keep seeing more of that ass

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I am sorry but while I would fuck a black woman law requires me to lynch niggers.

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I seriously believe that white men shouldn't be allowed to breed with their wives. That job is solely for strong black men.

Moar of that ass sir

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Seething white incel

user, you might be gay, you focus on the dick and not the girl.

actually, i am racist


dumb, sissy non-whites, learn your place

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white cock is your life now.

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That asian pornstar has taken so much black dick

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Fun fact: most girls prefer white men

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she needs on on the front stuffing her mouth

You could at least get some cool webm instead of these Paleolithic gifs

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Good lord, tenda. Who hurt you?

Nah, I really like niggers, chinks, heebs, wops and greasers. I think everybody is should own a few niggers, even niggers.

2mb is the limit, cuck. If you want high quality stuff, go back to /gif/

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I do believe this thread, following this same logic, is gay user.
Press ctrl F, put the word "cock" into the search bar.

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Found her:

Niggers are the original nigger owners.
Even now, as we dont own niggers, niggers are owning niggers.
How great is that? Niggers killing each other everywhere.

could you find sauce on OP now?

>Niggers killing each other everywhere

They need to do it faster.

No one asked

cope, niggerboi

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im glad whites are dying

It's not like they're attempting to slow it down at all, just look at the mortality rate in predominantly black neighborhoods. Whats great is we know its other blacks killing each other, as following up on each case reveals another black criminal.
I'd say that if anything, they're trying to kill each other off faster.

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I love how she wiggles that dick back in when it slips out


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>posting asians

who cares lmao

is there a source?

You care, Tenda. Or else you wouldn't have replied.

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By your standards yes we both are. But you pretend youre not because you say youre fine with black men fucking white women.

Hispanics are more likely to go for a white guy
Asians are more likely to go for a white guy
Blacks are more likely to go for a white guy
Natives are more likely to go for a white guy
Overall whites have to biggest dicks. Thats the reality of things

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He's mad he can't get any girl loooool


but everything on the media shows blacks as cooler, faster, better performers, top athletes.

When was the last time you celebrated a white athlete?

Im gonna need sauce on that ass, name?

I'm a brown cuck, you imbecile. I don't care about fucking. I only care about whites getting laid with there BWCs

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post the top of your hand with timestamp to prove it

The rest of the world isnt like america mate

>Strongest man on earth
>Biggest dick on earth
Also white

I don't care about white cuck approval. You are worse than non-whites.

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I've let a few niggers fuck me. So no?

is she an actual whore like she advertises? or is she just going through a phase?

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shes most likely a sugar baby (seeking arrangement style)
If you go through her insta, shes always in exotic places, thats a dead giveaway

yeah, i think this is a tell too

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KFC engineer? trying to make the crispiest greasiest chicken so niggers will finally be able to climb out of the ghetto? kek

That looks like a bad shop though

She went to Jamaica, only girls that wanna get blacked go to Jamaica lmao

Im highly disappointed at the constant lack of sauce on this webm

Nope. I hate everyone no matter their race.

You'll only get white cock here

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you sound jelly

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If there is no white girls I don't care honkey

I wish nudeapp didnt close down and they improved their algorithm

I'm not racist but nigger dick is disgusting


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Define racist