I have this much money

i have this much money.

what do?

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gib me some

eat it


worthless jew paper. toss it.

Invest in stocks or a car

buy bitcoin

hows it like selling crack in da hood?

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All that cash and all you could buy was Budweiser? Yikes.

Come back to us when you have some real money. That looks less than $1,500.

I bet more than that this weekend.

Hookers and blow

like what 500 bucks?
>im 2 days from closing on a house for 60k cash offer and i will STILL have more than that in my bank after i pay them....
jesus you poor poor mother fucker
>get a bank account and stop selling drugs to niggers

That looks around 500$ only? For sure under 1k

Lmao you literally didn’t. You played vidya and ate Cheetos this weekend. Gargle semen.

kill niggers

>git da crack fo next week

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He bet on loot boxes and some Vidya matches maybe xD

Wow you’re dumb af nigga. The 50s and 100 make 400. Surely there’s more than 100 in other bills. Fucking retarded piece of shit.

Get weed and/or the drug of ur choise, then order food and escorts

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I thought stripper, for all the singles. The rest made from lap dances and rooting customers on the side.

Spot me 200 so i can make rent?

buy bitcoin

Yep, he doesn't realize that Math isn't that hard. For those of us that run cash businesses, this is a lunchtime take in cash.

Buy chantex, to quit smoking.

>when it’s been 5 minutes since you told someone you’re a vegan

Judging by the huge stacks of singles, you strip at a gay bar. Rethink your life user.

Found the boomer, anyone who knows anything about crypto knows ETH is 1000% better

Starr trading the small bills for bigger bills then you get the biggest bill and have the most money

>someone posts money, only asking for directions on what to do with it
>immediately some cockmonkeys appear screaming IT ISNT EVEN THAT MUCH I EARN MORE THAN THAT IN 4 HOURS!!!!!!!

my advice is
buy a new pair of shoes, get a haircut, eat something you like at a restaurant.
get yourself a handful of weed, some coke, a case of beer and ask some friends over.
if enough people come, order some pizza have a houseparty.

or just reinvest and make more

thats close to the size of 100 newly printed 1's not even close to 100 well circulated 1's and technically the 50's and the only hundread make up 350....
>is it really that hard to count to 6?


wow a whole $3,000, don't spend it all in one place

>i run a cash business
so you either pay mexicans to work under the table or you sell drugs.
very admirable of you.

So, did you rob a laundry machine or a soda machine?

It’s still more than 500 dipshit kys lol

>but a new [air of shoes


get a real job

....are you sure? Because you look like the nigger based on your reply.

Looks like a couple hundred bucks. You can probably afford better beer and real cigars. If you can't save a couple bucks you might as well blow it on a hooker, degenerate.

Of course, if you had any discipline and ability to plan ahead to provide a better future for yourself, you'd buy stock like coca cola that will sell you shares directly, without fees, and even partial shares so you can grow your dividend income as you are able.

>still closer than you without going over.

name one other cash business that is not coin operated.

Buy shares in companies run by jews

Stay mad I guess

you got them new jordans?

Are you a stripper or something? What's with all the 1's?

If you can’t think of any without others help, you are a legitimate screeching autist. Holy shit the users on this site now.

oh im furious bro. mostly mad that i have to argue with your 5 diffrent personalities trying to make it look like you arent a poor drug dealing POS

doesn't look like much, OP. What's the count?

> you hit the nail on the head and i cant think of any so im gonna try to turn this around on you and make you look stupid.

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>implying I’m OP
Take blood thinners

Imagine being shit of a troll

is that a rat poison reference?
i applaud your slightly above nigger intelligence.

Eat it

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A shit of a troll.
being a shit troll

or i guess troll shit.
so THE shit of a troll

jacksons the twenty right?

checked and keked

nope, white as fuck.
im just poor as a church mouse at this point in my life and have been wearing the same pair of sneakers for 2 years. so i was probably projecting.

i dont know why i am writing this. im bored.

Buy an nvidia quadro RTX 8000

>someone posts a handful of small bills asking for what do
>pretends this isnt some silly form of vanity

my advice is to stop lying to yourself, and stop wasting money. there are very few necessities in life and if you are spending this money on anything else it isnt considered well invested.
you can do much better OP.
we believe in you.

i get ya man. i was homeless for a min and decided i was tired of living that way and applied myself.
>as previous post said im about to purchase a house, AND i just paid off my car.
it can be done man. just takes a bit of planning and forethought.

whats that like a grand? I'd get a job so I don't have to worry about petty cash.

Then i'd buy a house so you have somewhere to live, Max your 401k and IRA. that smuck working at walmart, google, or amazon, he now works for me because I own a piece of that company.


Buy some grammar lessons

buy silver and gold. bury it in the bottom of some of your flower pots for the coming usury-driven depression and national socialist revolution where /k/ommandos and Sup Forumsiticians balkanize North America and bring about the imperium of Man.

as a knife guy, that’s a Bradford Guardian3. $150 easy. OP isn’t hurting for money.

currently finishing a degree in engineering, hope to find a good job by end of the winter.
i am so sick of looking at every single penny and living off of bargains all the time.

im probably going to end up stingy and miserly all my life because for the last 10 years i never had more than 500€ PEAK to spend for anything.
money cant buy happiness, but lack of money surely does buy you trouble.

lol stacks of 1 dollar, f schmuck

would you grade that last post for me user?

F. Do not proceed to the 6th grade.

money is no longer supported by the goldstandard, it is worth as much as any other piece of paper, some retards allow you to buy gold or silver with it

you smoke marlboro red. that's really the only thing i can respect in this picture

This honestly. Gold is up 25% this year alone.

you didnt even tell me my spelling and grammatical erros.
F as a teacher no longer receiving payment from school.

flaunting cash money is typical for niggers. don't really understand why niggers do that. I guess they are trying to tell the world they are niggers with money. Like that is a big life achievement.

respect marlboro red? rather smoke my own pubes, amerifags

If i get quads you give me the cigs

i am eufag, marlboro red till death. Any other brand is wannabe loser shit

Gather it all together, into a neat little pile, real carefully, and then stuff it up your Slovenian wife's cunt.

i’m OP. i’ve got exactly 2.25oz of gold. 500+ oz of silver is much more fun to play with. waiting for the price to drop though. been hovering around $17 for a long time.

Buy well-diversified index funds (like SPY, IVV, or VOO). Take the quarterly dividends and reinvest them in the same funds.

Heed my words user.

that is like 1k lmao

Good. The gold/silver ratio is highly skewed presently, so the silver is a great bet. However, it's wise to diversify, and currently QE is pumping cash into stocks, and likely will for the foreseeable future.

Companies that sell stock to individuals, pay dividends, and will even sell partial shares would be a good way to diversify without paying brokers a cut. If you don't own stocks, get some, to spread risk, and increase your exposure to potential rise in stock price. Coke is a very strong company that meets all the necessary metrics.

Start playing a game of monopoly.

idk... get a job maybe?

Open up a business landscaping.
Make more money.
Hire a mexican for pennies.
Make even more money.

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>what do?
kill yourself for being that poor

i dont want to be THAT guy but im called to be that guy.
life gets better.
the big man upstairs is watching over you.

Buy a fuckton of lego

the ONLY cceptable answer.

What a fucking stupid reply. I mean fucking awful. You are an absolute shithead and I hope that your life ends tomorrow. I hope a giant truck just takes you out in your stupid corolla for making such a dumbass reply like that.

Stop selling drugs and get a life

> Pic related

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How many boxes of cookies did you sell?

>All that cash
that's like $600

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That's a year's salary for most non-Americans.

for reference the $1 piles are $200 each
I know because I deal in dollars all day