Georgia/North Georgia thread

Georgia/North Georgia thread

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Kenzie k

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Any lafayette girls? Like the Avans sisters


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I worked in Calhoun, Dalton, and Fort O during my apprenticeship. It was ok, but I'd sooner live in Chatt to avoid state income tax.

Berry college girls?

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Looking for any 478

Is this you? Or are you just posting the picture?


I'm only asking because I know this girl

na, just postin, you know her pretty well?

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Anyone know Kassidy or Kaitlyn p? 478


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Kass from WR?

nope just had a few classes with her in high school and hung out at a couple conventions. Haven't talked to her in a few years.

ah, small world

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How do you know her? Wondering if we might know each other lmao

looking for teacher/former teachers.

friend of a friend when I used to go to cons years ago

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Any keri g??
Also 770. Pic related

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